Settling Back into the Moment by Joseph Goldstein

Settling Back Into the MomentSettling Back into the Moment is selection of verses from the book “The Experience of Insight” (Shambala Publication)by the same author, Joseph Goldstein. In this shortened, but still 167 pages, version he presents the core ideas beautifully illustrated throughout the whole book. The work is handwritten and the style is very poetic, though it contains strict instructions on how to manage retreats, posture of meditation, breathing, attention training etc. These topics are often covered here on the site, and often in much more detail, but this little eBook is very recommendable. Download it here:

Settling Back Into the Moment


2 thoughts on “Settling Back into the Moment by Joseph Goldstein”

  1. I am inspired by the work and love that has gone into this website. I successfully downloaded one file, and then was sent to a website to sign up for some subscription, no fee. I did that, thinking the is was for this website. Now I am sent to the pdf converter, which I do not need. I am not able to download Settling Back into the Moment.
    still love your site.

    • Hi Lisa, I think you might have clicked the wrong place. Sometimes the adverts on this site looks like download links. I will see what I can do to make it clearer what is links to books and what are advertisement links.


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