Songs of Kabir by Ravindranath Tagore

Songs of Kabir book coverThe poet Kabîr, is one of the most interesting personalities in the history of Indian mysticism. Born in or near Benares, of Mohammedan parents, and probably about the year 1440, be became in early life a disciple of the celebrated Hindu ascetic Râmânanda. Râmânanda had brought to Northern India the religious revival which Râmânuja, the great twelfth-century reformer of Brâhmanism, had initiated in the South. Here is the book Songs of Kabir for free download:

Songs of Kabir by Tagore

2 thoughts on “Songs of Kabir by Ravindranath Tagore”

  1. Dear Holybooks Team,

    I am very impressed by your site and its great work. I would like to point it out to you that KABIR the famous Indian saint was not a muslim !! Infact his parents are never known with certainty !! Moreover HIS GURU WAS A HINDU ( GURU RAMDAS ) His works and philosophical thought is primarily inspired by HINDU THOUGHT. Also TAGORE was a INDIAN HINDU. so its my opinion that this book must be in THE HINDU BOOKS CATEGORY. It would be more apt if you could assign it to HINDU category since it belongs there .

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Any books on the life story of Bengali/Indian Saints like Bama Khepa or Swami Vivekananda.

    There are many books on swami vivekananda here on , but they contain his teachings , and does not contain the story of his real Life , like what actually happened from his childhood to his Adolescence.

    Looking forward to some Biographies of famous Indian and International figures.


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