Sri Aurobindo VOL 19 Essays On The Gita

Sri Aurobindo VOL 19 Essays On The Gita free PDF ebookThis is volume 19 in the complete works of Sri Aurobindo, which soon will be here at the site in its completeness. The first series of this volume, Aurobindos Essays on the Gita, appeared in the monthly review Arya between August 1916 and July1918. It was revised by Sri Aurobindo and published as a book in 1922. The second series appeared in the Arya between August1918 and July 1920. In 1928 Sri Aurobindo brought out an extensively revised edition in book form. For the present edition, the text has been thoroughly checked against all previous editions and against the manuscripts of the revised Arya. download Essays On The Gita here in full length (607 pages):

Sri Aurobindo VOL 19 Essays On The Gita


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  1. I always like to read and ponder on words and works of Sri Aurbindo. He has always been source of my Inspiration to groom myself from an individual to a consmic one.


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