Sri Aurobindo Vol 8 Karmayogin

Karmayogin by Sri Aurobindo free ebook pdfSri Aurobindo launched the Karmayogin, “A Weekly Review of National Religion, Literature, Science, Philosophy, &c.,” on 19 June 1909, six weeks after his release from jail on conclusion of the Alipore Bomb Trial. Between then and February 1910, when he left Calcutta, he edited this journal, writing most of its contents himself. In addition to articles on political and related matters, the Karmayogin contained essays on philosophy, yoga, education, art and literature, as well as translations and poetry. Download the entire volume (488 pages) number 8 in the collected works as a free PDF Ebook:

PDF Quran downloadKarmayogin by Sri Aurobindo


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