Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle wrote this short book, Stillness Speaks, (43 pages) in what he himself calls sutra-like style. He writes: Just like the ancient sutras, the writings contained within this book are sacred and have come out of a state of consciousness we may call stillness. Unlike those sutras, however, they don’t belong to any one religion or spiritual tradition, but are immediately accessible to the whole of humanity. The advantage of the sutra form lies in its brevity. It does not engage the thinking mind more than is necessary. What it doesn’t say, but only points to, is more important than what it says.
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Unfortunately I have been asked to remove this book, who are the rights-holders: I had it posted here because I believed it was in the public domain since it could be found at


8 thoughts on “Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle”

  1. My life was so misterys…i always asked myself so many question.but i didnt get the answer.but one night after i read new earth… I weak up, and i understand everything what is going on…the book so intersting. I think u dont mind i used “i” more than twis…tanks euk.tolle…from ethiopa

  2. Loving this website need some serious help, abused all my life, and just cant tell people to stop doing it to me, and just constantly hate myself for letting people abuse me. I feel so filled with anger Id never hurt someone who abused me, but I understand how people snap, I just hope I never do.. I read so much and try so hard to think positively and forgive and love and detatch myself from my crazy brain, knowing my spirit has no chemical imballence, just gave up cannabis after 30 years of non stop being stoned and smoking and coffee and tea, tried several times but this time I believe I can do it, I have transendended I am not my mind, I finally realised I am not controled by chemicals or experiences, I am me, I do not have to sedate myself to live, I can love and heal myself with just myself… I have only been able to get this far by all the free books I have access to thanks to the net… and sites like you… THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for giving me hope and my life back.

  3. Cant focus on the message as I have no money!!! to buy the darn books, I am going to download through file sharing every self help book and set it my mission to give them to the world for free. And every time the publisher winges at me giving their book away for free I will just find another site to give it away from.
    I am sickened at companies saying we want to help domestic violent victims, or people suffering from PTSD or some sort of trauma tellus they have the cure to help us live without this pain, if we give them money;.. Getting kinda disolutioned even by depak chopra and the oprah winfreys of the world… they are millionaires but still they cant give anything away for free. I love the internet finally we can give to the poor and take from the rich!! Robin Hood lives in the Net. Viva la revolution of the 99%

  4. Eckhart Tolle takes the teachings from the Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Upanishads, given to the entire world for FREE by the enlightened and truly evolved ancient Masters, packages it and puts a copyright on it and sells it to the world as his ‘knowledge.’ If that doesn’t make him a 21st century corporate Master, I wonder what does. :))

  5. I am an ethiopian I hve read both the power of now and a new earth i hve got a new personality from the pre reading

  6. I have read “the power of now” and “the new earth” and I am happy with these books, because most of my questions are answered by these books. Now I am eager to read “stillness speaks”.


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