Stripping the Gurus by Geoffrey D Falk

Stripping the Gurus abuse enlightenment ebookStripping the Gurus by Geoffrey D. Falk, 2009, is an important document about the life and pitfalls in spiritual communities around the world. The author himself has spent months in an ashram and many more researching a number of the worlds most known gurus. The research is meticulous, the writing engaging, and the overall thesis: devastatingly true.

“Don’t get suckered in. Be prepared. Be informed. Find out what reportedly goes on behind the scenes in even the best of our world’s spiritual communities. You can start by reading this book.” 

Stripping the Gurus
Stripping the Gurus is an important document about the life and pitfalls in spiritual communities around the world
Written by: Geoffrey D. Falk
Published by: Million Monkeys Press
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-0-9736203-3-7
Available in: Ebook

Download the book here (534 pages):

Stripping the Gurus by Geoffrey D Falk

4 thoughts on “Stripping the Gurus by Geoffrey D Falk”

  1. I have gone through the book and surprised to note the various activities of spiritual Gurus who have esteem regards in the eyes of the public particularly among Indians. The citations and references are also given by the author to support those facts. However, the author has been very prejudice from religion point of view. He has thrown most of the light on Hindu religion. He should have some more examples from other religion too.

  2. As a former, very serious Comparative Religions major with emphasis on classical language studies — Biblical Greek, Hebrew, classical Greek, Syriac, Aramaic, Coptic, Sanskrit, Pali and Classical Chinese — who also lived in several American yoga ashrams in my 20’s and continued to visit others into my 50’s, I can ASSURE you that Geoffrey Falk’s book deserves close attention by any sincere
    spiritual seeker. Naturally, overly pious people who are uncritical in their thinking will try to denigrate his work but, from my own personal experience, having seen some of this behavior first-hand, he is RIGHT ON!! Thanks HolyBooks for including this work on your website!

  3. This book is nonsense.

    It has become trend to get afraid of truth about spirit and god and then defame the person. Yes, there are many saints all over world who are just bundle of deception.

    But we should also be aware that in the name of being “modern” we should not accept garbage.
    It is another trend that if you want to be called good muslim. then abuse islam. If u want to be modern hindu then mock hinduism and if u want to be called as nice Christian then use “f*** and jesus” in same breath as searing words.Abuse everything religious is hip-n-happening.
    This books tells that Swami Vivekananda used to frequent sex-workers.

    Even the opponent of Hindusim who has studied about Swami Vivekananda will see this is mental abnormality of the author.

    Please administrator of “” do not distribute such books, as anyone who want to turn toward spiritualism will learn all untrue fables by this irresponsible author.

  4. This book is a must have for the normal indian public , who mostly have a blind-faith towards religion and the so called saints and their miracles which are nothing but tricks to fool and loot us.

    I’m not saying that all saints are frauds , but in todays dark age (kali yuga) 90% are.


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