Teachings on Chöd by Garchen Rinpoche

Chod means “cutting through” (often translated as: “cutting through dualism“) in Tibetan- severing erroneous concepts about the world of appearances and all illusions regarding the existence of a personal self. The practice of chod is an advanced skillful method that enables practitioners to become free of clinging to false notions and beliefs regarding inherent existence of appearances and experiences and therefore of an individual self. Attachment and clinging to a self are forces that give rise to the defilements, which are the source of anguish and pain. Chod is the practice that enables disciples to understand emptiness of all appearances that are fit to arise and therefore can be apprehended. It is an exceptional practice. These teachings were typed by Karma Tsewan Chödrön (better known as Martha from Venezuela), from the tapes of the teachings given in Rochester, 1999. They have many mistakes, particularly about Tibetan names and words. Download the PDF-book, Teachings on Chöd by Garchen Rinpoche, here:

Chod teachings – Garchen Rinpoche

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