Tears of the Mystic Rose by Rajneesh

Tears of the Mystic Rose Osho free pdf ebookTears of the Mystic Rose by Rajneesh is not a work by Osho Rajneesh, but one of Oshos followers by the same name. “Tears of the Mystic Rose” which makes challenging reading for the Osho community since it is critical to the “Inner Circle” the people who run Osho’s affairs in Pune and elsewhere. Rajneesh was born into a very privileged background, his mother was a Bollywood movie star and his father a rich industrialist, and whilst their marriage was stable he seemed to have enjoyed the usual fruits of such seeming luck, excelling at games, and enjoying a very good education in a Darjeeling public school. The shock of his parent’s separation when he was 15, and the subsequent early death of his mother were the seminal events in propelling the young Rajneesh into self-examination and the spiritual path at an early age.

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