Tertium Organum by P. D. Ouspensky

Tertium Organum by P D Ouspensky ebook cover pdfTertium Organum, the first of Ouspensky’s major works, was originally published in 1912 in St. Petersburg, and a second revised edition appeared four years later in Petrograd. Nicholas Bessaraboff brought a copy of the second edition with him when he emigrated to the United States before the Russian Revolution of March 1917. The book was translated into English by Nicholas Bessaraboff and Claude Bragdon and published by Bragdon’s Manas Press in 1920. The work is concerned with the nature of the universe and cosmic consciousness – anyone who hobbies to struggle with those matters will find this book to be most insightful and helpful. Download Tertium Organum here free, unabridged and yours forever:

PDF downloadTertium Organum by P D Ouspensky


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  1. Peter Damien Ouspensky by writing Tertium Organum did the impossible. This book may be considered the most powerful and deepest book known to have written by a human being. What is not only amazing but shocking is that it was written by a man who was a mathematician and scientist and who was not enlightened. Frankly, we very much suspect that Thoth, the God of wisdom must have channeled this book to P.D., and when he wrote it, he never knew and thought it came from him. On the other hand, PD must have had access to some long forgotten ancient books of wisdom written by the Anunnakis and left for human beings which had since been hidden and removed from public circulation. The reason for doubting the authorship of this book is that it is not easy or so possible to have the ideas expressed inside this book by humans. One must be a galactic being or what SCOGOSTOLOGY calls Galahumans to have those ideas and besides that to express them so succinctly like PD did. If you can read and understand this book, you’re half way to become a god. What is left is for you to obtain the “secret key” on how to access different levels of beings and reality (dimensions of existence), which is the utmost most powerful secret of the Anunnakis Gods, which gives a person the power of multi-dimensionality existence and immortality. IKEY GALACTICCA, SON OF GOD, ENKI, OWNER AND KING OF PLANET EARTH


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