That Is That: Essays About True Nature

That Is That by Nirmala PDFThat Is That: Essays About True Nature. This book is now available in its entire length, thanks to the author’s, non-dual teacher Nirmala, permission. The book was published in 2010 and I posted the excerpt Beyond No Self, and it has been downloaded hundreds of times. That Is That is a fine collection of articles and answers to questions by spiritual seekers. Nirmala is a spiritual teacher in the Advaita tradition of nondualistic teaching and the author of books about spiritual nature, including Nothing Personal, Living from the Heart, Meeting the Mystery, That Is That, and Gifts with No Giver. From That Is That:

“We usually think that suffering is caused by bad experiences, but it’s actually caused by our attention flowing toward something that isn’t here, toward something that isn’t very true, such as an idea or a fantasy, which are very small truths. Suffering ends when our attention is flowing toward what’s actually happening, what’s true in the moment.”

Download the free PDF e-book That Is That here:

 That Is That by Nirmala



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