The Book of Jasher

TThe Book of Jasher PDFhe Book of Jasher is also known as the Book of the Just Man or the Book of the Upright and it is one of the non-canonical books referenced in the Bible. It is mentioned in the Bible the following places in Joshua 10:13:

“And the Sun stood still, and the Moon stayed,until the people had avenged themselves on their enemies.Is this not written in the Book of the Upright.”

The Book of Jasher is also mentioned in Samuel 1:18 and also referenced in Timothy 3:8, therefore, it must have been an important work. We can not be sure if this book is the real Book of Jasher. If it is, it gives us many details that are not recorded in the Bible. However, the publisher claims that this is the real deal and he attempts to document how entire parts of the Bible might have been copied directly from the Book of Jasher. The publisher explains the complexity of the question of the origin of the work:

“I have in my possession a copy of Sefer Hayasher – The Book Of The Righteous, edited and translated by Seymour J. Cohen. Its introduction cites several other “Books of Jasher”, some of which are no longer known to be in existence, such as that by Zerahiah Ha-Yevani of the 13th century. There is also known to have been one written by Rabbi Jacob ben Mier of the 12th century, and one by Rabbi Jonah ben Abraham of Gerona of the 14th century. We are told of a work by that title from the Amoraim period (3rd to 6th centuries) that is characterized as containing “for the most part sayings of the sages of the first and second centuries”. So, this title has been a popular one for rabbinical writings, but most are clearly not intended to have been passed off as the book mentioned in the Bible and to this comes the frauds.  One version has been republished by the Rosicrucian Order. It claims to have been discovered by Flaccus Albinus Alcuinus, Abbot of Canterbury in the 8th century, while on a pilgrimage…”

Read more about the controversies, history, and vindication of this version of the Book of Jasher in the foreword.

The Book of Jasher
The Book of Jasher is also known as the Book of the Just Man or the Book of the Upright
Written by: Unknown
Published by: J.H. PARRY & COMPANY
Edition: First English
ISBN: None
Available in: Ebook

Download the free PDF version of Book of Jasher here (405 pages/2.78 MB):

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Listen to the entire Book of Jasher read in English by CJ Plog:

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  1. I’m sorry, I meant to add that if you want to get a good copy of this book by a good editor, get the Book of Jasher by Ken Johnson. It’s available on Amazon. He has edited many copies of the Apocrypha, as well as many other books pertaining to them, and he shows you how they relate to the Bible.

  2. This book is part of the Apocrypha, which means that it is not considered part of the canon, which means that it is not considered sacred, inspired by the Holy Spirit, Scripture. It is interesting, it can be read for culture and history, by it is not scared, and it does NOT explain anything written in the Bible.

  3. The Book of Jasher is really “A History of the Righteous from Adam to the Conquest of Canaan.” See Jasher XCI:11-15. It appears to be a true history with only a few discrepancies from what can be found in the “Holy Bible”. It would be nice to see a critical text of the present English version with all thirteen known Hebrew copies as indicated in the Preface or Forward of the book.

  4. I have read Genesis and it begins two lines the line of life from the tree of life culminating in the City of Water the New Jerusalem the City of Water.

    The second line is line of death, which is the tree of knowledge of good and evil culminating in the lake of fire. There are seeds sown in Genesis, like the serpent in Genesis 3 . This seed of the serpent is harvested as the great dragon in Revelation. There is a fictional taste. The book of has a different taste than Genesis-=-Malachi.


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