The Book of Lies by Aliester Crowley

Aleister CrowleyThe Book of Lies. Aleister Crowley was a leading figure in the 1900-century occultism. Despite a bad reputation that pursued both Crowley and his ideas, he has exerted a strong influence on new age movements. In occult circles, he is best known as the author of the Book of the Law, the central text of Thelema, a religious and philosophical system. Crowley was also an influential member of several occult organizations and orders, including Golden Dawn, A. ‘. A.’. and Ordo Templi Orientis.
He received much attention during his lifetime in part because he was a proponent of a morality that was before his time and because he busied with the occult sciences. He attracted several media and the authorities’ attention and was in 1923, exiled from Italy because of his open criticism of Mussolini. He is depicted on the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Crowley has often been associated with Satanism, mainly because he referred to himself as a beast 666th This interpretation, however flawed, at Crowley’s life project was to create a new spiritual and philosophical flow, Thelema, based on a series of scriptures. Crowley designed the tarot cards Aleister Crowley’s  Thoth Tarot.

The Book of Lies
Crowley was an influential member of occult organizations and orders, including Golden Dawn, A. ‘. A.’. and Ordo Templi Orientis.
Written by: Aleister Crowley
Edition: March 21st, 1992 e.v. key entry by Frater E.A.D.N
Available in: Ebook

Download his work – The Book of Lies heres:

PDF ebook download THE BOOK OF LIES Aliester Crowley


-Or hear the entire book here:

The Book of Lies Part I

The Book of Lies Part II

6 thoughts on “The Book of Lies by Aliester Crowley”

  1. Was listening to this during a boring class and let me tell you it was a wild ride. Some of the things said shocked me and some kinda made me laugh

  2. Utter* Rubbish**!


    I forget****?




    Ta! Ma!




    *: Upsilon (U) or Atu XXII by Greek Qabalah, which corresponds to the first path up the Right Hand Pillar on the Tree of Life, Jachin, whose color is represented in radiant white, as the milk of the stars, but in a more degraded form in Pisces (as opposed to Aquarius).
    **: Also reason is a lie, for there is a factor infinite and unknown. (AL, paraphrased).
    ***: The First Cause in Kether is preceded by AIN, which descends into a state of ‘contraction’ (Qabalists may refer to the idea of the ‘Tzimtzum’ and Ein Soph’s ‘reverse generative’ process. Thus the first and final path on the Tree of Life connects the Veils of Negative existence with The Crown of All. This symbolized by Atu XXV – The Star (or The Dragon, by a less complete form that describes the first important Alchemical process).
    ****: See my upcoming volume: ‘The Order of the East’ for an in depth look at the activities and hitherto incomprehensible secrets of an internationally famous Society of Rosicrucian Brothers (at last and real!).

    PS: All typos and left out comments are intentional. This is not a self contained entry, as the Book of Lies (supposedly) is.
    -Fr. P.


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