The Book of Soyga

20140704aThe Book of Soyga also known as Aldaraia sive Soyga vocor or Soyga: the book that kills was written in the 16th-century and apparently lost until it was found at the British Library in 1994. The work consists of several books  Liber Aldaraia, Liber Radiorum, and Liber decimus septimus and a number of minor books. Together they form a treatise of magic and what makes it mysterious is 40 thousand randomly distributed letters set up in schemes. The scholar and adviser to Queen Elizabeth John Dee owned The Book of Soyga and he spent years trying to decode the letters. He even had consultations through a medium with the Archangel Uriel in order to get hints for his project. Others have suggested a special connection to the Voynich Manuscript. For a brief history of the book read this article Soyga: the book that kills. The Book of Soyga was written in Latin and this edition has both the original Latin text and the English translation by Jane Kupin, who begins the book with the words: Knowledge has no enemy other than ignorance. 

[schema type=”book” url=”” name=”The Book of Soyga” description=”The Book of Soyga, also titled Aldaraia sive Soyga vocor, is a mysterious 16th-century Latin treatise on magic.” author=”Unknown, edited and translated by Jane Kupin” publisher=”Online publication” edition=”Jane Kupin translation” isbn=”None” ebook=”yes” ]

Download the book here (572 pages/2.6 MB)

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  1. Hello guys my name is om singh I am researching about this book of soyga for any further information please contact me in Instagram my ID is rishabrajsingh420

  2. Don’t Decode this Book it can Harm the world
    Destroy the earth it can be make a human into super human and some times spells can not react oppositely

    Do not Decode

      • Your just a child, go play with your with your action figures because magic is no game and is very dangerous in the hands of the wrong person and can be deadly if the practitioner does not know what he is doing. Do you even know how to draw a circle of protection hold up a shield?? My advice little one is just read by no means am I discouraging you because you are a baby which and I know you’re fascinated and very curious just do your homework because magic is like going to college only you’re not getting a degree any advice you need I will leave my information below

  3. I just came across this book via scary vision around 2am, but I had an
    agreement with the monster I was fighting with on my vision as he proclaim I was the only one who defeated him so far. To make story short, I woke up and search for such a similar bock on my archive and it happened that I bumped over it due to spelling recognition. I don’t know where to start with this book but i am propelled to tap in and venture.y ou can help or suggest via my E-mail as above

  4.    I think that some authors are not named because they are “meaningless” and they are not created to sell or sell books. If you want to write or sell books, you have the responsibility to be responsible for their content. For example, Xiao Ming’s diary is big. When Tian’s classmates showed it to the teacher and the teacher had doubts about certain contents and asked for a true diary of Xiao Ming’s classmates, Xiao Ming’s classmates could tear off some of the content or modify it and give it to the teacher, provided that Xiaoming was willing to come up with The teacher dared to ask Xiao Ming to come up with a real diary. Xiao Ming only needs to be responsible for his own diary and how to be responsible for Xiao Ming’s own affairs. There is no need to be responsible to others, and there is no report and schedule and report written by the salary. Writes and trips are also most embarrassed or expelled by the boss. The responsibility is based on the mutual salary, equal to the purpose of some authors, and is used for the purpose of earning what, and that is not Xiao Ming’s purpose in writing a diary, and the purpose of what Datian’s students earned is even the originality of Datian’s classmates. Naturally, it is between Datian’s classmates and teachers. The questions, these have nothing to do with Xiao Ming, and Xiao Ming’s classmates have real diaries and diaries that they can read when they remember in the future. Even if they have written diaries, those who have nothing to do with Datian’s classmates and teachers, the value of one thing. It is meaning, the price of one thing is the interest, and when the conflict between these two things is the same thing, the interest of its price is meaningless to its thing, and the meaning of its value has no interest for its thing, so it depends on The original intention and the result to judge what this is, the meaning is the original intention and the result is the benefit time, the wrong thing, the interest is the original intention and the result is the meaning, the wrong thing, do the public welfare, do the public welfare, do business, do business The result of taking business as a public good is the failure of business. The result of public welfare is the failure of public welfare. The gentleman’s love for money is not for the sake of money, but also for the use of ignorance and kindness. The realities of the name maps are self-existing, and the use of knowledge and evil is the name of the business. The public interest is not moral, and the other is in the name of public welfare. Conflicts of interest, one is the conflict of interest in the name of business, and the benefits do not flow to the public good, nor to the business, there is no conflict of interest, but conflict for the benefit, for the benefit that is not seen or has no interest, regardless of the figure It is the interest of the public interest or the interests of the business. In order to see the benefits or the interests that have disappeared, the things that have not been seen, the things that have not been seen, the problems that have been seen, the things that are not found, will not be I will run out of plain things, and things that I already have will not evaporate. I don’t want to waste time on things that I didn’t have. I don’t waste space when I already have something. “Because there is no meaning.” Anything that is not inconsistent and inconsistent It is vain (taken in dialogue with God Episode 3 – Chapter 13).

  5. زايچه=horoscope to you and I…it’s Arabic not Persian though used in Farsi as the Arabs walked in and killed most of our language (and religion) …whether this guy’s analysis is correct on what the title of the book should be…well that’s anyone’s guess..

  6. The comment above this one has to be the coolest thing I’ve ever read. It could be absolute kaka but I’ll give it heart, soul, and imagination.

    Keep rocking that Persian, my man.

  7. 《What does “soyga” mean?》

    “Aldaria” is the name of a book.
    but, “soyga” is not a name, it’s just a kind of books.

    some books are historical.
    some books are poetical.
    some books are comic strips.
    some books are religion laws.
    some books are soyga!

    Aldaria is a soyga in Augury Latina. And “soyga” means “horoscope” or “astronomical” in English, and I mean it’s a foreteller book.

    the word SOYGA is a Persian word and if you knew Persian, you would understand what it is.
    All of soygas telling some truth about the future.

    soyga in original accent pronounces like this: ZAYCHI and in Farsi wrote as زايچه or زيج and it means “The Calender of Future”.

    I can not understand why some readers decide to change the words of this kind of books without permision of Archangels.
    Angels know how to trans-slate the words by a pair of scales. But someone who has no permision of Archangels, only do as a trans-letter! Maybe their purpose is repeal and confuse the truth! Anyway, God will know what they want to earn.

    this comment contains some voice-able-lary logos from Raphaël in hands of XR, who is the Key for Persians.
    I’m sorry for my “Anglicized Farsi”, and I want you to know this letter is not “broken English”. I don’t know English.

    thank you for spending your time to read my comment.

    • do u know how to deal with devil for immortality or to became vampire ? DM me fo answer @shashanksingh_bigbro
      please …zz : )
      and can u tell more about ‘Aldaria ‘ , you sounds knowledgeable.


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