Annata BuddhaTHE BUDDHA’S DOCTRINE OF ANATTA. This is a comparative study of the concepts of ‘self’ and ‘non-self‘ in Buddhism, Hinduism and Western Philosophy by Buddhadasa Bikku.

It extensively describes the Buddha’s principle of not -self and contrasts it with those in other doctrines, for example, the Six Teachers’ wrong views, the viewpoints of the Vedanta and the Bhagavadgita of Hinduism, and those viewpoints of some Western intellectuals. It also shows the profundity and ultimate status of the Buddha’s view, which students of philosophy or religious study and serious dhamma practitioners cannot afford to overlook.

102 pages, 17 MB (huge one, might take some time). Download here:

PDFbookBuddhadasa Buddhas Doctrine Of Anatta

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