The Complete Works of Leonardo Da Vinci in one PDF book

Complete works of Leonardo Da Vinci PDFThe Complete Works of Leonardo Da Vinci is a compilation of all the texts we know to be written by Leonardo Da Vinci presented in one book. As a multi genius, Leonardo wrote about many different topics and in this book, you will find anatomical studies and notes about how to paint the human body and perspective, discussions about the current in the sea around Gibraltar and how the Assyrians prepare their small boats with fine mud, soaked with oil or Turpentine. Da Vinci was interested in everything and he made clever notes of it all. Many of his notes are highly readable like short journalistic reportages. Read for instance why the people of the south are black, how to determine how much a ship advances in an hour, how an army could cross rivers by swimming with air-bags, how fish are able to jump out the water and much, much more.

Download the Complete Works of Leonardo Da Vinci here in English as a free PDF e-book:

 The Complete Works of Leonardo Da Vinci

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