The Complete works of Victor Hugo

Portrait of French writer Victor HugoThe Complete works of Victor Hugo is what it is. All of them for your reading pleasure. I have edited the PDF-files a bit, some empty pages have been removed and have run OCR on the files so they can be text-searched from your PDF-reader. Les Misérables is probably the most well known work by Victor Hugo, but also The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hans of Iceland are popular works. Victor Hugo was familiar with most literary genres and he published poems, dramas and epic contemporary works. Moreover he was a gifted visual artist. Read more at Wikipedia about Victor Hugo here: Link

Here you can download his complete works as Public Domain PDF-files:

Les misérables part 1

Les misérables part 2

Les misérables part 3

Les misérables part 4

Hernani; a drama in five acts

Hernani. Edited by C. Kemshead

Hans of Iceland

Dramas of Victor Hugo Twin Brothers

Cromell Drama

By order of the king (the man who laughs)

Angelo, tyrant of Padua; drama in five acts

William Shakespeare by Victor Hugo

Toilers of the sea

The poems of Victor Hugo

The memoirs of Victor Hugo

The letters of Victor Hugo from exile, and after the fall of the empire

The hunchback of Notre-Dame

The history of a crime (Deposition of a witness)

The destroyer of the second republic; being Napoleon the Little

So this then is The battle of Waterloo

Ruy Blas. Edited by Harold Arthur Perry

Oration on Voltaire

Ninety-three by Hugo, Victor

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