The concept of Allah in Islam

The concept of God in Islam

The concept of Allah in Islam. From the intro: “The concept of Allah in Islam is not written for those who deliberately misrepresent the Islamic faith, for these will never see anything except through their own tinted glasses, and there is no cure for their blindness. Rather, it is written for open-minded and fair non-Muslims who sincerely wish to know how Muslims conceive their Creator.”

Accurately knowing Allah is the pillar whereupon Islam in its entirety hinges. Without such
knowledge, any action in Islam does not have any real value whatsoever: it has neither
essence nor value. The Question is: “How can we get to know Allah, and what is the venue
for attaining such knowledge?” The answer is crucially conditional: If we do not know the
right course, we can never reach our destination. Any erroneous approach to knowing Allah is
a major contributor to distancing a large number of people from accurately getting to believe
in Allah. The Holy Qura’n narrates to us stories about those who disbelieved in Allah in every
age and time, depicting for us how they insisted, in order to believe in Him, on hearing or
seeing Him, relying on their senses

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 The concept of Allah in Islam

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