The Concise Buddhist Monastic Code

The Concise Buddhist Monastic Code is the guide for all aspects of life for Theravada Buddhist monks. It was written also for lay people interested in deepening their understanding of the discipline. Whether out of simple curiosity about the Vinaya (rules that govern the Buddhist monastic community) or to educate themselves about the issues relevant to their interactions with Theravada Buddhist monks, lay readers should find in this work much of the information they need to understand both the application of the Vinaya in the past and present and its relevance to the practice of the Dhamma here and now. Even though the rules and guidelines seems to be harsh and sometimes even cruel, it is stressed that The Concise Buddhist Monastic Code isn’t just about what monks can and can’t do. It is merely the expression of disciplinary norms in various forms—as rules, principles, models, and virtues—to provide subjective and objective standards with which to judge which actions are skillful (i.e., leading to release) and which actions are unskillful (i.e., leading to further stress and suffering). The book is very detailed, and somewhere quite amusing. For instance the section about various sorts of intercourses:

Part of the Concise Buddhist Monastic Code

So, there.. Download The Concise Buddhist Monastic Code here as a free PDF e-book (404 pages/6.5MB):

 The Concise Buddhist Monastic Code




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