The Gospel of Thomas – two different translations

Gospel of Thomas free Ebook pdfGospel of Thomas or actually: The Gospel According to Thomas also known as Codex II was found in Egypt in 1945. The very interesting thing is that the book contains direct citations of Jesus Christ in 114 verses. The Gospel of Thomas was written in 340 in Coptic, but the foundations are earlier oral traditions. Here it is in the two most significant and widespread English translations as free pdf ebooks of the text that never made it to the official Christian Bible.

[schema type=”book” url=”” name=”The Gospel of Thomas” description=”An early Christian non-canonical sayings-gospel that many scholars believe provides insight into the oral gospel traditions.” author=”Apostle Thomas” publisher=”Various” edition=”English translations” isbn=”None” ebook=”yes” ]

PDF downloadGospel of Thomas Bruce Version

PDF downloadGospel of Thomas Scholars Version


We also have the Gospel of Philip here: Link.

48 thoughts on “The Gospel of Thomas – two different translations”

  1. Interesting comments but I’ve yet to see someone answer one of the most important questions of all time – Why was mankind’s awareness not to be enlightened to become like a God? Gen.3:22 And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” Could it be that we were created to serve a specific purpose on earth? Food for thought

    • God created Man in His image, the image of Goodness. Evil was not of God. Therefore, God did not want Man to know nor enter into Evil and thus depart from His Goodness. Salvation is about God saving our immortal Soul, HIs image within us, thus we can be united to God for all eternity. Jesus, Our Savior, Son of God, Son of Man calls us to repentance our evil, seek God’s forgiveness, return to Union with God in Goodness. Depart from Evil, live in Union with God and each other. Once we grasp the truth the God made us in His image, for Goodness, we desire to be with God and each other in Goodness. God provides the Grace for us to resist temptations, repent our sins and transgressions, seek God’s mercy and forgiveness, live in harmony with each other in Goodness. It is our CHOICE to follow Jesus into heaven.

    • A Godly question my brother. Yes we are all here to serve a purpose 1st. Then out of all his creation MAN became Conscious. In the becoming conscious of MAN, the Universe that created the Earth and all in it became aware of this. Now in becoming conscious is the ability to dessern from right and wrong. Now in becoming conscious you will seek your Alfa & Omega. You will see your begining and end. You will want to know why, just why. The what, when and where is irrelevant or let me say deception.
      Once you know the why you will find him within you. When you have found him within U.
      U will then see that you truly are Universe.
      When Mamal becomes conscious of the Universe within. He becomes MAN (Movement Actioned Now). When Man manifest good from the Universe within. His creation is seen in the physical as Good (Godly).
      He will then be Crowned (believed by the Crowd of the Universe within all Men. That he has become like them.
      Crowned God

    • My Father YHWH (Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh, EL), Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit did not create man to reason within himself. Satan knew this, and created his first lie to mankind to enduce this thought process (Genesis 3:1-13, KJV). It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4, KJV; ref. Deuteronomy 8:2-3, KJV). We where made to do ONLY what our Father tells us to do. We where created to imitate his nature in all of our ways. (Genesis 1:26-28, KJV, Ephesians 5:1, AMP)

  2. Realize the apostles did not compile a new testament. The Apostle John living a full generation longer that the others and Paul did not compile The New Testament.

    For almost three centuries the apostolic fathers did not compile a new testament.

    So in 330 ad God moved upon Constantine to come to christ, and to compile the New Testament He commishioned Eusebius to do this. They gathered all the scrolls available and determined they needed the witness of two and three main churches to
    certify an apostle originally gave them a gospel or epistle. And that said main church then shared a copy to one or more churches

    They also rooted out incompleted writings and writings that had copiest errors

    Without God interveening with constantine to do what the apostles would not. and the church fathers did not see fit to do for centuries

    As much as certain denominations state Constantine was evil and this and that. Without him there would be no New Testament and the Church would have ceased to exist

    I have studied church history for 45 years and taken the time to read many original writings few care about today. Generations ago this was all well known.

    Second bit I have studied greek also for 45 years. This is a very poor translation in many places. This was intentional to make it seem as dissimilar to the gospels as possible.

    Another Gospel that has merit and value is The Epistle of the Apostles

    This was probably the first Gospel but the church of Jerusalem was cast out and scattered and Jerusalem was destroyed so this did not make the cut in 330 ad because no church could attest that it originally received it from an apostles even though a number of churches did have copies.

    These are interesting to read but do not change one CORE church doctrine.

    IF one can read these and better understand some verses or a passage in the New Testament that is good.

    However I can not and will not teach from these in any church.

    Percisely because it opens the door for my hearers to decide they can determine what and what is not scripture.

    And then doing so without having years of bible school or seminary, without having decades of church history to know what happened and why.

    Nor them having decades decades of translating greek or Hebrew to understand what some translation of a text they are looking at is Good or bad, that they themselves would then be able to evaluate the text’s and translations merit.

    We see this in many comments by people on the church hiding stuff which was not the case.

    And people thinking they should pick and chose on the basis or their feelings what is scripture and what is not.

    If Jesus and the Apostles quote and cite a book it is scripture even when the church refuses to accept their authority to do so

    The Books of ! and 2 Maccabees are quoted and cited by Jesus and the Apostles

    These two books are critical to the Gospels and what Jesus prophesies of the fallen church we now live in.

    For a matter of Information the Apochrypha
    was in the King James and Authorized version from 1611-1885.

    Some of the books are rabbinical writings and not quoted or cited even one time. A few other books are quote and cited as well.

    • Dude that’s child like mentality…not preaching hidden scriptures…or sharing this information with Gods people…isn’t up 2 the church…we should have faith to choose for ourselves and not faith to be chosen for us…without the entire knowledge of all the scriptures…how do you ever expect to convert people to our faith…when the faith you provide is only half and half…I dont want half faith…just like I dont want half scriptures…cuz then that’s only half the message from God…how can we turn away preaching from scriptures…when the citation of these scriptures is directly from Jesus…what about the gospel of Judas…?…what about the missing scriptures the Vatican have taken upon themselves that the public dont need to see those scriptures…I’m sorry but your faith is flawed…your words are cheap…its my love for God that God speaks through me…and if you disagree…this is false christianity…and your excuses won’t work…God bring justice to the ones trying to silence our savior…at the end of the day…God gave us brains to think…
      Emotions to feel… and a soul to keep…God is love and home is where my heart is…so don’t tell me you hide scriptures for The good of man…you use these scriptures to keep all of what you think is Godly and righteous…so that you think you’ve done your bit here on earth….you just made it worse….instead of listening you were preaching…instead of helping.. you doubt me…instead of acceptance…you judge me…instead of love…you hate…instead of understanding and wisdom…you use the scriptures to point my flaws…to scared to face your own…no wonder this world is in turmoil…wake up…

      • Marc, you are correct. He really does not understand the Bible. This is when you take the word of man. As a Hebrew Israelite. The Bible is HIStory and a chosen people, “the tribe of JUDAH. The curse that was brought unto them, in
        Deuteronomy 28:50
        “A nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old, nor shew favour to the young:”
        Deuteronomy 28:68
        And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you. (Trans Atlantic Slave trade – SLAVERY).
        Deuteronomy 28:49
        The Lord shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth; a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand;
        We know we are the True Tribe of Judah and we understand the Bible.
        We have Doctrine, Scientific proof, Biblical Proof, Theological proof and more.
        IF you don’t believe me, I pray you do your research.
        Jesus said in John 8:31-32 31
        Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
        32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

      • All Right ,,, All Right ,,, All Right ,,, All Right !!!
        *** Perfectly Written My Brother ,,,
        Most Pleasing For It’s Many Truths …

      • Wow.. I agree with Marc. If Richard thinks of himself as some type of sacred historian of biblical text and wants others to believe in his purpose of hiding the proposed past, Richard should have first proofread his statements for misspelled words and grammatical interruption. We can hardly believe in the authenticity and credibility of Richards words or works, when he lacks the ability to write accurately, thus leaving room for judgment that his intention to hide sacred scriptures is self serving based on a false need to hide truth.
        Since Richard knows the Apocryphal books were in the King James and Authorized versions from 1611-1885, it would be of great benefit to believers if he could explain the hidden, racist, malevolent purpose for removing these books.

        Richard, please continue to speak.

      • I thought this same exact thing Marc! i read this and thought OMG the audacity of this man to say only he and the church are mentally capable of processing ancient writings and interpreting their relevance to their lives. ONLY A LICENSED HOLINESS DEALER CAN DETERMINE REALITY….. like WHAT????? gosh thanks for your words. False christianity has become christianity in the eyes of the world. Now we must spread the Truth, our own Truth, the REAL TRUTH written on our own hearts via the death and resurection of Christ HimSelf. And spread that REAL TRUTH with no place to lay our heads, no ‘church’ to call our home. we are the 1 sheep. They will paint us as Black Sheep, but we Know the Truth of Christ which is inside us in the same why God was inside Him.

      • Marc… dude, very well said and it’s so clear to me, reading your words, that they are divinely inspired. For when the words flow a certain way, I know – there is a certain cadence – you relay a message in a very pleasurable and poetic way. After all, God gave us brains to think. ;-)

      • Well said. I couldn’t agree with you more when the commenter your referring to said they keep scripture from their flock. I would share it to the entire world if I were them. That’s just prideful, undiscerning & arrogance. SMH

    • So you decide what the GOD of GODs want someone to know and become aware of. You don’t want to preach about these books and let the GOD conscience manifest the TRUTH. Does it not say in GODs word that all things will be made known to man?
      King James Bible
      Matthew 10:26
      Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thank you for sharing about your vocation, experience, and your professional judgments.

      Your article led me to reflect on how Saul (renamed Paul) became a saintly Christian and Evangelist in the absence of (i) a book about Jesus, (ii) a disciples’ relationship with Jesus before His passion, death, resurrection, and ascension, (iii) an audience with the Risen Jesus for the Great Commissioning, and (iv) an inaugural Pentecostal experience in the upper room.

      ACTS 9 recounts that Saul’s conversion happened because the risen Jesus revealed himself to both Saul (called to repentance and faith) and Ananias (called to mission to lay hands and baptize). Thereafter, Saul is transformed in name and vocation. Paul (or as Saul v2.0) begins by preaching that “Jesus is the Son of God”. Then he lives out the rest of his life in service to this truth, powered by the Holy Spirit.

      I am at peace with the synoptic gospels (ie. the bible as it, with no add-ons). To me, they are enough.

      My first because they are already so rich in historic detail, apostolic perspective, and in Divine mystery – the way, I suppose, they were meant to be. In contrast, Saul received only 3 sentences from Jesus after the resurrection, and none before his death: ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’ ‘I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. Get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you are to do.’ (Acts 9:4-6). These 31 or so words, were enough to convert.

      My second reason is because Jesus is risen. He is alive to reveal himself and his Godhead to sufficiently enrich every Christian’s intimate knowledge of Him – especially through the Paschal mystery and the Eucharistic Celebration. He alone, saves.

      Thirdly, Jesus’ body is the Church (Colossians 1:18; Ephesians 4:12) so any alleged error by the Church is a direct allegation against Christ. And Jesus hides in the poor, the sick, the captive (Matthew 25:39), so if we want to know Jesus more, we only need to answer the cry of the poor and go where we can make sharing and caring happen.

      Lastly, all Christians (belonging to the one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church) are enabled into a life of love, and a holy death (2 Timothy 4:7) through the help, power and fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

      These are my assurances that the Church is protected from getting something as fundamental as ‘Who is Jesus Christ?’, wrong. There is no need, no additional advantage or saving benefit to be gained by adding to the 4 synoptic gospels. And if there were details of his life that needs to be revealed,, the risen Jesus himself will reveal it to whom he intends.

      Finally, I get that you have a job to do, reading and translating old material. I am grateful to God for your professional work. Although they make for interesting reads, I personally keep 2 arms lengths away from other gospels, in fear of either being led to error (heresy), or learning too much so as to fall into pride (Satan’s downfall).

      My Christian duty is to evangelise, not to convert. That part (thankfully) is up to Jesus :)

      Thanks again Richard. God bless.

  3. God the universe, or just a higher entity, are a few of the many ways to describe that something that rules us. Prophets are many in all religions and philosophy’s concerning religion, God just wants you to be you, and the purpose of your existence is the suppression of what you must solve, most of the problems we have, are not other then caused by ourselves, when we value more distractions like sports religion politics, and correlated subject, seek for self development, instead of believe what someone say, no matter who, use your head and heart about taking a decision, but use your heart first to decide upon it! FYI Jesus was an excellent man, but he is not God, the Pope is not god, so God should be seeked inside yourself, and Christianity is not the only religion, here older and more accurate on your doubts, seek for enlightenment and you’ll get there. Essentially be happy, and have a good life!

    • Aquarian ???
      You Are Mistakenly Correct My Friend …
      Jesus Is Lord Of Christ He Is The Love That Could Restore Your Worthy was Justice And Truth Love You But Like A Rabbis Dog They See Your Real Selfishly-Jusified Decrepit Souls Current Value …
      God’s Are Many As They Are False Perspectives Of Gullible Minds …
      ie ;;;
      Isn’t That Super Model A goddess ???
      That Handsome Man Is A god !!!
      Atlas god Of Something Or Other
      Isis, Osiris, Thor, Sheva, Hercules, Wall Street Bankers, King’s Of Nation’s And Many Rulers Are All Called God’s …
      *** It’s Quite A Weak Overbooked , It’s Actually A Minimally Qualifying Title And A Random Generalisation Type Word As That Infinite Entities Share That Goofy Title ,,, god Of War, god Of Love, god Of The Ocean , god Of The Sky, god Of Death, god Of Sleep god Of My Ass-Hole aka Turdopolis And Clinginshitezeo !!!
      LOLMMFAO !!!
      *** It’s Simply Endless …

  4. Is it likely that God, who wishes to make Himself known and chose the scripture as His means for doing so through His chosen disciples, would leave out things we needed to know? Would you be required to be possessors of arcane knowledge? Do you imagine that conspiracies, businesses and a desire for control would stop God and that we have to wait 1,945 years for this ludicrous ‘gospel’ to appear and set us right? The Church Fathers rejected this ‘gospel’ and you only have to read it to see why.

    • So Ass Backward Bro.
      *** Read It Throughout And Thoroughy To See And Be Wittiness To It’s Complete And Total Accurateness Beyond Any Logical
      Debate …
      *** For What Purpose Exactly , Would A Person Of That Time Period , In His Field Of Work , Would Or Even Could Ever Even Imagine Such Things And Then Single Handedly Write Such Intellectually Sound Concepts That Could Get Him Killed For Hierarcy …
      *** And For What Profit Or Benefit ???
      Dude !!!
      *** Use Your Lord Gifted Coconut Brother … All This Shit Is Obviously Obvious …

      • John Anthony
        please tone down your vile language and you might have some following. your language betrays you. You don’t sound like one of us. You are an infiltrator or aren’t you? Darkness can never fight for light!

  5. Everything in the 3rd dimension has contrast, the lower houses corruption (bowels), the higher houses the brain, head, and vital organs. One cannot know unless it forwards to the upper room, for the lower room will pass it out the draw as unwanted waste. Be ye wise as an owl and approach understanding as gentle as a dove. Existence is one.

  6. Didn’t Jesus disciple, Thomas went to India for his mission to spread gosepl…

    I think in those days as gospel was wide spreading there was also a different other gospel in the name of disciples published to gain popularity or for the sake of money…

    Because their was a lot of conversions going on and those time it was revolution in religions… It might have given arrise for various unreliable stories associated with Jesus which is a conspiracy gospel.
    We can see paul clearly waning the early church about such gospels.
    Galatians 1:8,9
    8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    9 As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

    Cause that could be the time all sorts of imaginary things are associated to the gospels..
    As we can see at that time period history saw origin of religions based on those conspiracy gosepls.

  7. Greetings! I like your reminder regarding Luke 21:25. It is important that we remember the complexity of the gospels and the hidden words of Jesus Christ as he taught the world! Imagine if we had access to majority of the missing books of the Bible beyond the Septuagint.

    Prophet Morgan

  8. Interesting comments,, but if you not believe the words written in spirit,, then you cannot believe god exists and if you believe the devil exist,, and god explain his existence,, then how can you not believe Thomas wrote this book as well,,

  9. If it,s true , 340 AD Thomas written this book, there are more hidden from God words. It became the business without an end.

  10. It is very important that this book is very good to know more about secret of all hidden points of God and in human way of deceiving whole world , if he was alive in 340 AD therefore to me there most be a lots of things hidden from God words but those who should be blamed are those who translating the Bible, therefore it came out that it became the business without an end. I would like to go further more to comforting our aim , indeed if not the church and those who concerned for Bibles should be responsible for deceiving the whole world.

  11. Compassion is ‘suffering with’ – what beggars often seek is not food and money (a means to an end) but to be recognised as a human being experiencing life’s ups and downs just as you are. Don’t assume all beggars drink or do drugs. That they no longer see value in a steady job or a nice home and car is not to be dismissed, but explored. Jesus did not earn a living, but relied on the compassion of those around him for food and shelter. No doubt a beggar could teach you a thing or two about life, instead of valuing financial security, and perhaps even help you get out of the rut you may be in – to be in the world but not of the world…

  12. Don’t be deceived. This “gospel” is a forgery. It wasn’t written by Jesus’s disciple Thomas. It’s by a faker who thought it would be interesting to see his writing go somewhere.

    Remember that the Word of God always always confirms itself, and this one has nothing but contradictions. They knew what they were doing when they decided to discard this writing.

    Don’t be deceived.

    Don’t be deceived.

    • I’m curious? Where does your confidence in this statement come from? It is deception? Can you show the proof? Please know my question comes not out of judgement but only love and seeking. (There’s irony in that)

      I’ve recently been curious about this lost book. Can any of the translations be the true word, as they’re translations of men, sinners. I know God lives within me and I trust his guidance and will in my life.

      It is well with my soul.

      Blessings to you,

    • The Bible is nothing but contridiction. The typical religious fanatic will ignore all contridictions and only repeat the things that sound good to them.

  13. I was greatly inspired and moved to search the web after watching the movie, STIGMATA. Though I have heard and read about how religious leaders (in Christendom) fight teeth and nails to hide the truth and all the scrolls of the Bible (both old and new testaments); reason for which they believed it I’ll help them have relevance and ABSOLUTE power to control the CHURCH for selfish ends. Embanking to find more about my cherished Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  14. Remember all who visit here, Jesus had no tangible wealth. Only his word and how he lived and died is priceless. The church is a business. Scripture is written by man. You don’t need a businessman telling you how to think, how to act. The Lords word is written within us all. Before saying or doing, you can feel within you if its right or wrong. Those are the words that can never be altered. That is exactly how Jesus would want you to live.

    Each day we must help our brethren for whom we are responsible.

    Recognize with gladness that we are neither lost, nor strangers to God, but one of His good creatures, and in our Temple we shall meet people from many nations and religions.

    • I want very much to open my heart to help in any manner I can. Unfortunately, we are not ready yet to open our home to a complete stranger. I feel we could offer food money I know most street beggers are most likely to spend any money I might give on booze or drugs. There is that feeling of compassion however, it is greatly attenuated by their own lack of wanting to get out of the rut their in. Nevertheless, I will try to be generous and understamding and can only hope that those in need of brotherly love and financial generosity ask for help from our father in heaven or ask of help from Jesus.
      Amen Amen Amen

  15. Luke in his introduction tell us that “Many” have written about the Gospel of Jesus (Luke 1:1 KJV Forasmuch as many have taken in hand to set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us, Also, John at the end of his Gospel narratives says, if all what Jesus did and say we’re to be written, all the World will not contain the Books containing in his words and actions! John 21:25 KJV
    [25] And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

    Yet if all the sayings of Jesus and actions is put into a book after removing repetition and meaningless additions, what you will have will not be more than what a regular Newspaper contain. There are loads that the Church Fathers are keeping away from us all.

    It is amazing how human beings have been controlled for so many years with half truths. My amazement was that the HAVE-NOTS are those who read God’s word daily. The Bible is fully controlled by higher powers who continually exert their authority over so many.

    • It takes a lot of knowledge to understand who created the bible and what for what was the purpose of the bible…but to control the mass,invasion,domination to name a few of the European secrets

      • Here is wisdom, you ask what is the purpose of the Bible? BIBLE is an acrostic and stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, see? B-I-B-L-E. The most basic instruction that needs our attention is: acceptance of Christ’s blood in giving each of us salvation, that we may be cleansed of our sin and enter into eternal life. Returning to the presence of our Father God, from whence we originally came.

  17. its has been happening for a long time.those that are in charge of these scrolls and texts change meanings, sentences and directives found in the original text.that is the cause of all wars they have fought all in the name of christianity. worse of all is that we are not sure of what to believe, we are all treading on a path we are not familiar with.everybody goes to church nowadays to show off their new dress,shoes, and to look for prospective suitors without remembering to read their bible during the week.

  18. There is more out there that some just do not want us to know about. It is still an attempt to control the people. There is never a period in history that some collectives are always attempting to control what we say, see, do and have.

    • An excellent point. I totally agree. I AM irritated by the fact that this gospel was not included in the Bible and to think that the content of the Bible was chosen by a few people who thought that current contents of the Bible was best for humanity. Outrageous!!


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