The Hymn: Song of the Soul

The Hymn free spiritual PDF e-bookTHE HYMN: Song of the Soul is the spiritual song of an anonymous author. On publication, the author of this small talisman of a book that gives its beholder wings veiled their identity, their hope is that the reader may discover within the words their own universal “soul song.” Only a single copy of the original book exists. From the book:

“I sing a freedom song.
I walk a victory march.
I dance naked,
and enter the void.
Follow me —”

Only one copy exists

Designed and typeset by the author, printed by letterpress in New York, and hand-bound in London, the extravagantly produced one-of-a-kind book was a gift from its creator to the recipient named within. This book is a facsimile of that gift. The original has its home at THEHYMN.COM. Thanks to IVVIIMMIX for letting us post the book here.

Download the PDF e-book here (link goes to the publisher):

PDF ebook downloadTHE HYMN


It seems the publisher have closed the site. Instead you can find some of the pages from the book here:


6 thoughts on “The Hymn: Song of the Soul”

  1. Has anybody else read this? I’d never heard of it until now.
    Do you know its original publishing year? The copyright says 2017 but it reads like a Dead Sea scroll. Totally sublime. Modern translation of an ancient text or literally a modern prophetical work? Any info is appreciated as the website to buy the paperback looks intentionally mysterious. Cheers!


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