The One Step Path

The One Step Path Free PDF e-book

The One Step Path is a remarkable little book with a single aim, to open your mind to a different perspective. It should be read with the intent of it being the last book you ever read. It is written to the one who, with deep sincerity, seeks conclusion of all illusion, vexation, and suffering. For that person, the Path to Reality and Liberation is revealed in one single step.

This different perspective is: What if everything you think you are – every way in which you describe yourself – is not your True Self, but an illusion, an apparition, a fictional character manufactured by the mind and having no existence apart from the mind? What if everything you think, and therefore your entire subjective experience of Life, is itself, just a certain perspective? What if a slight shift in this perspective could bring about a profound change of experience?

Download the free PDF e-book here (96 pages/750 KB):

PDF ebook downloadThe One Step Path


Listen to the Author, Roy Dopson, in this interview about The One Step Path:

10 thoughts on “The One Step Path”

  1. As has been said many times thank you for your work Lichtenberg. Great site you are running. A shame universe didnt reveal it sooner but then in reality…there is no sooner or later is there… :) A great book (or what and how it is pointing at…..) Thanks again sir

  2. Read,follow this teaching, you will see that, when you put the lesson into practice and some efforts (Less than one might think) it is simply…Whaaaaaa. Now my search is completed. The way it is written is so deep but so easy to understand. Read it. It could seriously be The book that change everything for you as it did for me

  3. I wish this book was around when I was reading, and re-reading and re-reading A Course in Miracle for almost 20 years. But I moved on from that and literally have read next to nothing for spirituality – until – this book was given me by the Universe. Author is no important for it is only my mind that is reading the words here. A truly great book to not only read, but to accept what is being told to you. I have downloaded many books over the years from here, but never have I been more open to any of them with this exception. Thank you for your continued work here.

  4. Thank You for this book. my purpose for studying and learning from it is to seek the truth and path to be happy for myself & others


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