The Power of Mindfulness by Nyuanaponika Thera

The Power of Mindfulness NyuanaponikaThe Power of Mindfulness with the subtitle: An Inquiry into the scope of bare attention and the principal sources of its strength is a guide for understanding and working with Mindfulness as it is originally described by the Buddha. From the book:

By mindfulness or bare attention we understand the clear and single-minded awareness of what actually happens to us and in us, at the successive moments of perception. It is called “bare” because it attends to the bare facts of a perception without reacting to them by deed, speech or mental comment. Ordinarily, that Purely receptive state of mind is, as we said, just a very brief phase of the thought process of which one is often scarcely aware. But in the methodical development of mindfulness aimed at the unfolding of its latent powers, bare attention is sustained for as long a time as one’s strength of concentration permits. Bare attention then becomes the key to the meditative practice of Satipatthana, opening the door to mind’s mastery and final liberation

Download The Power of Mindfulness PDF-ebook here (69 pages/280 Kb):

The Power of Mindfulness


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