The Secrets of the Self – Asrár-i Khudí – by Muhammad Iqbal

PDF e-book Muhammad IqbalThe Secrets of the Self also known as Asrár-i Khudí is a Sufi-poem published in Lahore in 1915. The author, Muhammad Iqbal, was an Indian Moslem. He had the rare opportunity to study modern philosophy, in which subject he holds degrees from the Universities of Cambridge and Munich. His dissertation on the development of metaphysics in Persia—an illuminating sketch—appeared as a book in 1908. Since then he has developed a philosophy of his own. Of this, however, the Asrár-i Khudí gives no systematic account, though it puts his ideas in a popular and attractive form. While the Hindu philosophers, in explaining the doctrine of the unity of being, addressed themselves to the head, Iqbal, like the Persian poets who teach the same doctrine, takes a more dangerous course and aims at the heart. Muhammad Iqbal is often recognized as the “spiritual father of Pakistan.”

Download the free PDF e-book here (80 pages/1.2 MB):

The Secrets of the Self


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