The Skanda Purana – VOL I-XX

Skanda-Purana PDF BooksThe Skanda Purana is a huge compilation of ancient Hindu scriptures. They were discovered in a library in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 1898 by Haraprasad Shastri and Cecil Bendall. The manuscripts were written on palm leafs, the oldest one dated to 810 CE. However, earlier versions are likely to have existed. Parts of the text have also been found in Tamil Nadu and other parts of India, indicating that the Skanda Purana has been an important and widespread corpus of texts. The complete Skanda Purana covers many topics. Parts of it describes pilgrim routes and serves as travel guides for monks to important temples and monasteries all over India. Other parts are more devotional and discusses theology, dharma and the absolute. The mythology also takes up large parts of the book,  the name Skanda Purana refers to the war God Skanda (Kartikeya) son of Shiva.

The Skanda Purana consists of 20 books, here they are in the English translation. This version is the first edition of the English translation published in India in 1950. I have  removed blank pages from the scanned books to make the file size smaller and punished my CPU for 14 hours by running OCR. This means that you can do research by text search in the books now with Adobe PDF reader, copy and paste to other formats etc. Download the free PDF e-books here (large files up to 60MB and 600 pages each):

The Skanda-Purana Part 1

The Skanda-Purana Part 2

The Skanda-Purana Part 3

The Skanda-Purana Part 4

The Skanda-Purana Part 5

The Skanda-Purana Part 6

The Skanda-Purana Part 7

The Skanda-Purana Part 8

The Skanda-Purana Part 9

The Skanda-Purana Part 10

The Skanda-Purana Part 11

The Skanda-Purana Part 12

The Skanda-Purana Part 13

The Skanda-Purana Part 14

The Skanda-Purana Part 15

The Skanda-Purana Part 16

The Skanda-Purana Part 17

The Skanda-Purana Part 18

The Skanda-Purana Part 19

The Skanda-Purana Part 20

14 thoughts on “The Skanda Purana – VOL I-XX”

  1. Prabhāsa Khaṇḍa (491 chapters) consists of four sections:

    1. Prabhāsakṣetramāhātmya (365 chapters, Saurashtra and Somanatha Tirtha region,west India)
    2. Vastrāpathakṣetramāhātmya (19 chapters, Girnar Tirtha region)
    3. Arvuda Khaṇḍa (63 chapters, Aravalli Range Rajasthan Tirtha region) and
    4. Dvārakāmāhātmya (44 chapters, Dwarka Gujarat Tirtha region)

    Are 2,3,4 missing in the pdf text?

  2. First of all, the hindu scriptures are not a MYTHOLOGY. Hindu on an oldest religion with valid records and scriptures amd sith physical proof of the incidents which we can see even today. Please change that word MYTHOLOGY.


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