The Urantia Papers – The Urantia Book or The Fifth Epochal Revelation

The Urantia BookThe Urantia Papers also know as The Urantia Book or The Fifth Epochal Revelation is a long and very strange book. It is said to be written sometime between 1924 and 1955 somewhere around Chicago. The author is unknown and there are many speculations about how it was written from sleeping mediums to plain materialization. The story itself is quite amusing, Wikipedia has an extended article about it here. The fascinating thing about the book is its precision and details about the life of Jesus and the construction of cosmos. The Urantia Papers consists of more than 2.200 pages.

The Urantia Book
The Urantia Papers also know as The Urantia Book or The Fifth Epochal Revelation.
Written by: Unknown
Published by: Public Domain version
Edition: First
ISBN: None
Available in: Ebook

Download it here:

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22 thoughts on “The Urantia Papers – The Urantia Book or The Fifth Epochal Revelation”

  1. I was looking for truth, I was searching for answers. Thank you so much for this book. It confirms the truth that is inside of me, especially on the teachings of Jesus. I hope and pray that the whole world see it.

  2. Any book that claims a revelation greater than what is revealed in the bible is purely satanic wisdom. Your book is turning people from the true God to a self made god. The Demon behind it must be very wise.

    • Let your God-given gut instinct testify whether the things in this book are true. For me, it greatly illuminates the Life of Jesus and is a beautiful revelation given to our generation. Don’t be so narrow-minded by tradition and prejudice. Pray and see what God reveals to you.

      • I am just excited to discover this book and I want to read more about it. The little I read has revealed so much about what is not written in the Bible, understandably so because the Bible would have been an unreadable book had it contained everything, and I am looking forward ro enrich myself with this knowledge. The good thing is it expands the knowledge or the writings of the Bible, it is not against it. My only worry is why the author hides himself. We probably know who wrote the books of the Bible and it would novice to know who wrote these exciting pieces about our God, the Son and the Holy Spirit

    • I just like to comment on the comment that was made on the front of this page and you should never give that much power of yourself to the evil ones as you said at the end of your statement much demons are not very wise all wickedness and evil is very ignorant as you are for making such a statement as you gave them your power and not anyone else who dares to look at this book in the name of the father in the name of the son in the name of the Holy Spirit I bless you whoever made that statement

    • So what ur saying is. we should close our eyes and minds to anything that is not sanctioned by the chatholic church. After all it was the corrupt system under Constantine. Which allowed the pagen religions to hide within in the chruches.Have you even read the Urantia papers? NO. Like any other books that have been writen by man. ALL. some have been Inspired by “GOD” or agents of. Iam A born again Christian. I seek Gods wisdoms and His will. Reading other books such as the septuagint, talmud, Zohar. and books on Apologetics. and many other lost books of the bible. that were not included in the canon. Are they all evil too?
      I have hot yet read in thses writing thay claims it is greater than what is revealed in the bible. Only to expand on its writings.
      If you feel to continue this conversation?
      Contact me here. geraldw1965 at
      yours IN Christ G.

    • I do not agree with you Caleb, God will not deliver His lambs to the Devil. If there are satanic books out there then we should read them to understand how the enemy is attacking God’s flock. God will reveal the truth to those who seek His wisdom. I am excited reading this book to balance with what the Bible says. It broadens yiur knowledge. We must stop giving Satan too much credit and focus to what we have: the Almighty powerful God through His Son Jesus. I encourage all true Chrsitians to read this book. God will reveal the truth. It is good of you know about your opponent, then you can plan your own strategies to conquer.

  3. As a child of God from a Christian beginning, I had ever increasing questions regarding the incongruity of my growing relationship with my Father and the artifacts of evolved religion in the Bible. I developed the practice of deferring these Godities to a point in time when the Spirit might deliver clarity. This long desired clarity was delivered to me in the form of The Urantia Papers.

    I find it disturbing that holybooks categorizes this revelation as Bizarre. Quite sad really when Truth is shaded by ignorance.

  4. I have read The Urantia Book, while incarcerated for 10 years, from 1992-2002. I read the book chronologically from front to back 6 times during that initial 10 years of study. Once released the book was now being offered in audio download. I downloaded the book and have listened to its teachings for thousands and thousands of hours. I have diligently absorbed these truths and concepts wholeheartedly. I live by this book. I believe in its origin and have no doubt that this will eventually become the Planetary Bible for all creeds, races, Religions, cultures and true family members of Jesus’s Brotherhood of man

    • I take the book according to the Holy Bible king James version Jonh 21:25.And there are also other things wich Jesus did the wich,if they should written every one,I suppose that even the World itself could not contain the books that should be Written. Amen.

  5. This book is a treasure chest for the sincere seeker of Truth. Questions about the origins and purpose of life are answered. Details of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ are unparalleled and richly edifying. The book is a bonafide revelation of epochal significance and destined to dominate all the religions in due course.

  6. All I can say is that all 196 papers contained in this tome, with specific reference the first 5 Papers, are writings that for the first time in my life helped me to make sense of God, the cosmos, our origins and the life of Jesus of Nazareth. I highly recommend it to any of an inquiring mind.


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