The Zend Avesta – complete free PDF e-book

The Zend Avesta is the main texts used in the Zoroastrian faith. These many different texts are believed to have been transmitted orally for centuries before they were written down in the 3rd century.
Zend Avesta PDF
According to a legend preserved in the Book of Arda Viraf, a 3rd or 4th century work, a written version of The Zend Avesta had existed in the palace library of the Achaemenid kings (559–330 BC), but which was then supposedly lost in a fire caused by the troops of Alexander the Great. This is the complete Zend Avesta in English, a Public Domain version published in 1880 in Oxford.

The Zend Avesta
The Zend Avesta are the main texts used in the Zoroastrian faith.
Written by: Unknown oral sources
Published by: Orford at the Clarendon Press
Edition: Translated for the work: The Sacred Books of the East
Available in: Ebook

Download The Zend Avesta here in PDF-format (395 pages):

The Zend Avesta


27 thoughts on “The Zend Avesta – complete free PDF e-book”

  1. Yes. But the disagreement comes from whether or not that god hates Christians and Israelites. You can’t clump these religions together as if they are equally correct or valuable. If you read all of these books you will see that some religions believe very morally wrong things.

  2. Arent we all Creations of the same God?No matter his(her) name is Ahuramazda or Dieu or Diva or Allah? What difference does it make?

  3. Salam walikum.. Br Ali
    What is it you find interesting abt zoro ?
    I found the belief in one GOD, which is none other than (ALLAH swt).
    Insha’allah all zoro followers are guided by Allah swt ☝ to the Huq.

  4. How can we prove that Avesta is older then the Holy Bible? I think most of written ideas comes from the Bible? Those ideas might be transmitted by the scattered Jewish during their exile.

    • All the religions are from the same God. That is there are some similarly among them. All forum prophets followed the instructions from the same God.

      • Sorry, there are mistakes in the above message due to self suggestions of the electronic system.
        All the prophets followed the instructions from the same God, therefore, there are some similarities among their teachings. It is clearly obvious that there are some fundamentals which are universal. Other things are time and space dependent.

          • That is a bit rude. I agree with Shafique. For example when they sat in the Quran that lamps will fall from the heavens does not mean that directly, as it was intended for the people of the time. It means that asteriods would fall onto the erath from space.

  5. Zand is neither a language nor a style. This is an old Iranian language (Old Persian) word, meaning “Interpretation” or “Explanation”. It means that Avesta was not written in Persian. As we know, Zoroaster was basically from the present day Loralai or Zhob district of Balochistan, inhabited by Pashtoon ethnicity, therefore, it comes clear that Avesta was written in Pashto.

    • Dear Kamran, not any I am aware of. I expect that you need a clean text version for searching. In that case I would suggest that you convert the PDF to a text readable version, then copy the text to a word document for further research. There is a number of tools for that out there. Adobe has some solutions, but you can also find some freewares.
      Best wishes

  6. Thank you very much for sharing this sacred book with us. May God lead us to the real truth of this world . Amen

    • Hi, Zend or Zand, is actually kind of the writing style or the language used to write Avesta. As far as I know, Zend is a part of Avestan language which is used to write Avesta.

  7. Probably impossible for us to ever know the meaning of it but I am sure some phony young college student liberal with an earring and an Obama bumper sticker would be all too happy to try to explain his version.


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