Three Books of Occult Philosophy, or of Magick

Occult philosophy Free ebookThree Books of Occult Philosophy, by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim.

“The Number and the Nature of those things, Cal’d Elements, what Fire, Earth, Aire forth brings: From whence the Heavens their beginnings had; Whence Tide, whence Rainbow, in gay colours clad. What makes the Clouds that gathered are, and black, To send forth Lightnings, and a Thundring crack; What doth the Nightly Flames, and Comets make; What makes the Earth to swell, and then to quake: What is the seed of Metals, and of Gold What Vertues, Wealth, doth Nature’s Coffer hold.”

Download all three below (700 -1200 KB):

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim1

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim2

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim3

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  1. Lichtenberg good evening Honorable honor is given to who honor is due first and foremost thank so much for the great job you put together here for the whole globe to benefit from , please be my mentor and a spiritual guardian on this new paths I want to learn magic and occultism introduce me to good mystical order , I been through all as human beings although our cases of life are different please assist me in this journey .
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  2. I’m just having a problem with the font, it says “You will need a Hebrew font installed to read some of this book.” And it has an hyperlink linked to the word “Hebrew” but the page that the link shows me says that the font no longer exist or something like that… I really want to read this book properly. So, where can i find that “Hebrew” font? Sorry for taking your time and thanks.

  3. Thank you Honourable Lichtenberg ,
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    We have admiration and liking upon Occultism and the Noble field of Medical School.
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    Mathuraja Lakshmanan.

  4. It’s my first time here and I really love ❤ what I found.I would please like to have a private conversation with the admin,thank you
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    Haduj Ota Sar (Ras Ato Judah)

  5. Respected Sir, I am very interest to read the philosophy books and auscultation book.I had one book namely “THE GREAT BOOK OF MAGICAL, HINDU MAGIC AND EAST INADIAN OCCULTISM”. NOW I DOWNLOAD “Three Books of Occult Philosophy, by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim1.
    I humbly request you to guide me to learn much about this and send some more book regarding the same. thanking you.

  6. Please can I get carl nagel books hidden secret and hand book of black witch craft thanks please admin reply me it urgent need thanks

    • Dear Prince Sam, we are happy to receive your request. We have decided to fulfill your wish, but only if you ask us again using uncapitalized letters and if you say “please”.

      Best wishes


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