Treasure of Truth Illustrated Dhammapada

Treasure of truth Illustrated dhammapada PDF

Treasure of Truth – Illustrated Dhammapada is a huge work by Ven. W. Sarada Maha Thero from Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre. It was published in 1994 and it is now a classic. Dhammapada is the most widespread and popular collections of the sayings of the Buddha. The Dhammapada is considered one of the most popular pieces of Theravada literature. Treasure of Truth is one of the most comprehensive version and the rich, colorful illustrations helps to explain the concepts and makes it perfect for reading aloud for kids. The book begins with a poem by the former prime minister of India, Sri Nehru, A Radiant Sun:

In this world of storm and strife, hatred
and violence, the message of the Buddha
shines like a radiant sun. Perhaps at no
time was that message more needed
than in the world of the atomic and
hydrogen bombs.. Two thousand five
hundred years have only added to the
vitality and truth of that message. Let us
remember that immortal message and
try to fashion our thoughts and actions
in the light of that teaching. We may face
with equanimity even the terrors of the
atomic bomb age and help a little in
promoting right thinking and right

Download the free PDF e-book here, it might take some time (911 pages/68 MB):

PDF Treasure of truth Illustrated dhammapada

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