Trouble ahead and trouble behind

Casey Jones grateful deadNo matter how dire the situation might be, remember to walk tall. Keep on trucking. There may be trouble ahead and trouble behind. That notion just caught my mind when I heard an old favorite on my playlist, Casey Jones, by the Grateful Dead. I looked into the story of Casey Jones – “the brave engineer” who fought for his own and his passenger lives on a runaway train back on April 30, 1900. His train collided with a freight train, Casey died, but he saved his passengers and became a legend. Read all about it here. The story of Casey Jones was the basis of a number of tales and songs, for instance, “Casey Jones” by Johnny Cash and Grateful Dead, who made a somehow psychedelic song about the events. Grateful Dead’s version was illustrated in this cartoon. It’s awesome, read it while you hear the song:

 Casey Jones grateful dead cartoon PDF



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