Unexpected Freedom by Ajahn Munindo

Unexpected Freedom by Ajahn Munindo Ebook BuddhismUnexpected Freedom by Ajahn Munindo. From the intro: “So often we are trying to follow the Buddha’s teaching with the idea of becoming free from something – free from our desires, our personality, our anger, our suffering. It might then come as quite a surprise, when suddenly, in the middle of our striving to attain or get rid of something, we find our heart opening like a window, revealing to us the spacious vista of an unexpected kind of freedom: the freedom to fully meet ourselves as we are right now; the freedom to fully experience all the situations and emotions that seem to be obstacles to our happiness, without having to believe in or follow their apparent messages.”

Unexpected Freedom
Talks on the heart, the path and our own individually way of obtaining freedom.
Written by: Ajahn Munindo
Published by: Aruna Publications
Edition: First
ISBN: None
Available in: Ebook

Download the free PDF e-book here (211 pages):

PDF ebook downloadUnexpected Freedom by Ajahn Munindo


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