Vedanta Philosophy – Swami Abhedananda

Vedanta Philosophy by Swami Abhedananda is based on three lectures on spiritual unfoldment delivered under the auspices of the Vedanta Society in New York 1900-1901. From the book:

“Our minds are constantly seeking new objects of pleasure through the gates of the senses, and attach themselves to every fresh object that promises to give us a pleasant feeling or sensation. While this attachment lasts, the mind becomes a slave to it. If anything happens to come in the way and prevent the mind from enjoying a particular pleasure, the mind tries to overcome the obstacle. The stronger the opposing, the greater is the mental struggle to subdue it. If the desire be very strong and we cannot
succeed in gratifying it by ordinary means, we often get enraged and adopt more violent measures, thus losing all possibility of a peaceful state of mind.”

Vedanta is an old spiritual branch of Buddhism seeking enlightenment through practical work within one or more the four yogas or paths:

Download the free PDF Public Domain e-book Vedanta Philosophy here:

Vedanta Philosophy PDF


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