Bizarre Tuesday on The Voynich Manuscript and CODEX Serahinianus

The Voynich Manuscript and CODEX Serahinianus. Longtime friends of will recognize that I have a weakness for the more peculiar works and I post them here regardless of their spiritual attributes in admiration of human creativity. Today I have two of these goodies for you and if you are into this, you will not be disappointed. These two works have one thing in common; you will never understand a single word of them.

The Voynich Manuscript
The Voynich Manuscript Illustrations

The Voynich Manuscript is written in an unknown alphabet. Not a living soul knows what it means. During centuries top military code-breakers, linguists, historians, and laymen have tried to decipher it, all failed. People have gone insane in their obsessions trying to figure it out. It dates back to the early 15th century. Enjoy the meticulous illustrations of botanical fantasies.

CODEX Seraphinianus download PDF
CODEX Seraphinianus Illustrations

CODEX Serahinianus. What it lacks in any kind of meaningfulness, it returns in max psychedelic weird assness – and illustrative beauty. As The Voynich Manuscript, it is written in Italy in an incomprehensible language with a made for the occasion set of characters.

Enough said, you can find detailed bios on the works many places on the internet, try Wikipedia or some of the dedicated forums. Download the books here. Please bear in mind that both works are more than 50 MB, they might take a while to download. Consider a donation if you like the books:

[schema type=”book” url=”” name=”Voynich Manuscript” description=”The Voynich Manuscript is written in an unknown alphabet. During centuries top military code-breakers, linguists, historians and laymen have tried to decipher it, all failed.” author=”Unknown” publisher=”Handwritten” edition=”First” ebook=”yes” ]

Download the pdf science of getting richVoynich Manuscript


[schema type=”book” url=”” name=”Codex Seraphinianus” description=”Codex Seraphinianus is an encyclopedia of copious hand-drawn, colored-pencil illustrations of bizarre and fantastical flora.” author=”Luigi Serafini” publisher=”Handwritten” edition=”First” ebook=”yes” ]

Download the pdf science of getting richCodex Seraphinianus


See the documentary: The Voynich Code – The Worlds Most Mysterious Manuscript:

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      • C’était des messages destinés à saladin et à… j’ai réussi à lire le n’est ni un livre de magie ni de botanique mais il racontait ce qui se passe pendant la 3ème croisade…croyez-moi..le cas échéant je peux le démontrer…je suis entrain de tout déchiffrer et le faire sortir en livre pour bientôt….suivez cette histoire..ce livre est plein d’informations sur ce qui s’est passé entre 1189 et 1191….suivez cette histoire…à bientôt…

  1. I was under the impression that the Voynich Manuscript was created by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci and that the code to reading the book, was said to work on a code based on moving the “alphabet” so to speak within the book by 4 so if A=1 now A=4 so moved the alphabet 4 letters forward… there was an entire publication on it very recently….can’t remember where i found it, but i think there was also a Video released to Youtube, the sampled the colours of the paint used, and the paper, to carbon date it as well as they pointed out that there is not one spelling mistake throughout the entire book, that each stroke was done to perfection….. It is not a bible….. i believe this is the link you are looking for

    • Especialistas de inúmeras áreas da ciência vêm estudando incansavelmente o manuscrito sem conseguir decifrá-lo, mas o Sherlock Holmes aqui chega e com uma batida de olho em 5 minutos, encontra a solução. Temos um gênio. Um verdadeiro gênio. Ou…ou apenas um grandíssimo idiota. Eu como moro no Brasil nem chego a estranhar tanto. Aqui temos o imbecil do presidente Bolsonaro e outros imbecis que acreditam nele. São pessoas da mesma lavra. Desprezam a ciência são arrogantes e acham que uma opinião vale mais que anos de estudo.

  2. It looks like the history of humanity from the start the very first single cell dna seeded from something else from another dimension filtering down through history passed from generations to the next on and on and on until the day we are ready as perfect beings ready to read the text and understand it it will be the key to the eternal life after

    • This book is simply drawing by local person. only need to understand what massage they want to give us. I have seen images but that not clear so only one thing is about this book, its need time … resolve history.

  3. this book is obviously sacred and could not be deciphered as it is the light language….it was meant to be this way because humanity is yet not ready to take that information especially people who are still indulged in war and politics …for those who are saying its bible or witchcraft its not stop saying what you don’t know some pictures are understood from the pdf …keep calm when the right time will come you will know too.

      • In time people who make war will be thought of as sick, yet leaving one’s country hanging about undefended, wealthy and conspired against would be unwise. “Magik” is unfathomed reason sayeth moi. TESLA’S magic is far more important and far less embued with gobbeldegook. The world does not need a mad despot casting curses and reading omens. It needs a person or persons to build a vision of a planet that comprehends its place in its universe and in command of its energies takes a next step.

    • Save your time. Let’s see….there’s a safety pin in at least one picture (patented in 1849 and not even in this form until sometime later), ice skates that look rather modern (within the past 100 years), and images of wagons which seem 20th century.

    • The Voynich manuscript is a document that was transmitted, psychically, by the process known as channelling by an entity from what you would call a parallel dimension.
      The person who wrote it was a trance medium and his mind and body was taken over by this entity who wrote the document.
      The language used was not one known on Earth.
      The object of creating this document was to awaken people to the fact that there is life in many dimensions outside of 3D reality.
      When mankind develops sufficiently, it will be translated – not before.

      By G.W.B.

  4. Hi, at least 1/3 of the Voynich manuscript has now, 2019, been decoded, roots in ancient turkish, by a turkish scholar who spent many years deciphering it. It is on youtube.Best, nil

    • Is it the book of Noah? Ararat is in turkey. Supposedly the book of Noah contains all the remedies of plants for all diseases in the world. Reference the book of Jubilees.

  5. Judging by the poor grasp of English and spam content of most of the above comments, not one of you has read very much at all, let along decoded either of these books or the “bible code” – which is nonsense not least because there are several versions of the bible.

    Moti Lal – Jesus did not write the bible, even if he did exist, which is highly debatable. The new testament was written decades after his supposed death, while the old is pretty much pinched from the Tora.

    • Moti Lal did not claim Jesus wrote the Bible. He said Jesus wrote this book and it is part of the Bible. Whatever, everyone has opinions. But to claim that Jesus did not exist is like saying that Mohamed or Buddha did not exist. You can argue whether they were of divine origin, but you can’t argue their existence or importance. There are many historical references to him. The Talmud says, “the Passover Yeshu [Jesus] the Nazarean was hanged,” -Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 43a, Munich Codex. And another states: “May we produce no son or pupil who disgraces himself in public like the Nazarene”​.​—Babylonian Talmud, Berakoth 17b, footnote, Munich Codex.

      Flavius Josephus (c. 37-100 C.E.), the most famous Jewish historian of that era, states that Annas, a Jewish high priest who continued to wield political influence, “convened the judges of the Sanhedrin [the Jewish high court] and brought before them a man named James, the brother of Jesus who was called the Christ.”​—Jewish Antiquities, XX, 200.

      Tacicus (c. 56-120 C.E.), considered to be one of the greatest Roman historians said: “Christus, the founder of the name [Christian], had undergone the death penalty in the reign of Tiberius, by sentence of the procurator Pontius Pilatus.”​—Annals, XV, 44.

    • You are intellectually inept. Your doubting that Jesus lived just shows how without knowledge you actually are, and the inability to do research. I have really no time to debate you, you are not worth the time…you might just start believing.
      But I did want to bring to your attention that you are the reason the Bible calls unbelievers fools.
      If you did one iota of research your feeble mind might grasp some real factual data.

      It seems that, it is extremely difficult for you to think properly.

      1) There is more evidence for Jesus Christ, than there is for Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar.
      What’s the reason for Christianity.

      2) The only thing that is debatable is your intelligence.
      (You have put yourself in this position with your poor response, should of just kept your mouth shut.)

      3)there are several versions of the Bible,because it is for every nation and people’s with a spoken language. Also the most stolen book, bought, read, published…. And still accurate word for word since the original compilation.
      66 books
      Written by 40 different authors in
      3 languages, on
      3 continents, over a span of
      +-1500 years.
      The old testament points to a Messiah
      The New testament points from a Messiah.
      There are over 300 prophesies in this book.
      Jesus fulfilled a lot of them… More than 8.
      To you that’s a number, because you are inept.
      To me, those odds match the number of cells in your body.

      Isaiah 53 is an entire chapter.
      Scholars today can date books, especially the epistles written by Paul to within months from the resurrection. Paul who was Saul who was A Roman Jew who persecuted Christians, hunted them.. (en qué Pliney the youngers letter to Trajan)
      He wrote 13 of the New testament books…
      After seeing a risen Christ, he became a Christian..

      It’s a story of how God is and wants to be a part of our lives as a whole.

      So without respect, sit down, shut up.

      • i am not going to go over a debit here or something but i must say, it it is good to part of something but being with the majority doesn’t mean you are right , what I believe that Jesus was a human and only a messenger of god, not a god and he never refered to himself in the bible as god and the people should worship him,I also believe that he was a very good and righteous man, furthermore the bible has been written over 500 hundered years after jesus by a lot of questionable people in which know for thier dishonestywho wanted fame and money from selling made up bibles , this idea of him being a god has been brought by the sameone you referred to “Paul” who hunted the Christians who followed the right path, unbelievable most of his testaments, review his story it doesn’t add up

        • He said before Abraham, “I am.” He most certainly referred to Himself as GOD. That is why the Jews said he blasphemed at his kangaroo court trial, written about in the Gospels. Jesus is God. The earliest part of the Gospel, by Mark, was written merely 30 years after His death. You can read scholars who document that. But you don’t need the Bible to be a Christian. “Sola Scriptura” is a heresy. The Bible itself says that the “Church is the pillar of Truth,” (Timothy 3:15), NOT the Bible.

  6. It is possible to decode to the book . if i say i is where some movement , This line is not understanding for everyone . If i shall say I am there where Mr.Binod is standing . This is the understanding language . if we want to decode that book then we need to identyfy that how many words are using in this book .

  7. I have been understand about this book almost 40%. Although very important things are included in this book but mostly has been discovered. There are almost nothing anything secret in this book but too much top secret i have observed in 40% part of the book. Else i have no its original print ,never hopefully i could found something more.

    • (1) I think this is a part of mens body and the writer of “voynich manuscript “is explaine about the many human disease.
      (2) This is a imagenation on writer.

  8. Voynich is an attempt to bring syntactical homunculi into our dimension but it can’t be downloaded into as low-dimensional a language as English without a fully functioning pineal gland. If you have a lazy third eye, DMT will help the syntactical machinery of description undergo some sort of instant hyper-dimensional inflation, and then, you cannot tell yourself what it is that you understand, but you will know it.

  9. This book is a optical illusion… you don’t read it, you feel it.when you do this the words open up in your third eye I notice when I meditated on it…it’s all do with the psychic side of all of us.

  10. doesn’t ANYBODY see this is made by a botanist or some crazy f***
    The plant shows the root of the plant, cut in half, so you can see how thick it gets and it shows the younger thinner branches and flowers also cut open.. just some dissection of a plant or whatever you wanna call it.. I freaking hate plants.. I was hoping this was some crazy other planet..; but now I see its on this plane(t) with alllll crazy dumb people in it

  11. I don’t get the fuss?
    It’s a book about plants and when to plant them, the women illustrated are the plants. A woman is a signature of fertility and birth. the writing is just like the one Carl von Linné did. This work is significantly smaller and less describing and more a guide to planting and use.

  12. The Voynich Manuscript has been finnly dicihfered by DOUGLAS JAMES COTTRELL by using the AKASHIC RECORDS tells what this book is about?.On youtube

  13. This is a fertility manual written by a woman. Although back in the early fourteen hundreds it was illegal for a woman to read or write. The book explains on various kinds of plants, herbs, spices, and predator plants that can be used as medicine during pregnancy, or from falling ill during such tumultuous times.

    Menstruation or period cycles during body changes. From the drawings of what looks like the stars it shows the solstices, equinoxes, and seasons of the year along with the entire yearly cycle. Other drawings show women bathing using the roots of plants.

    Perhaps this is a representation on how to use or mix prepared plants together during their periods or pregnancy cycles before age forty. To put it simply this is nothing more but a medicinal pictograph for a woman who used the name Otto because as I mentioned before, women were barred or gagged from learning on how to read or write during the dark ages.

    Especially during the inquisition where Tomas Torquemada tortured, and killed millions of so called witches in the name of the church. The language is her own. Shorthand to be precise using various kinds of other languages such as Hebrew, Latin, and small examples of Aramaic. The time it took to write this book was probably between four to fifteen years starting from early teenage years and onward.

    The pictures are crudely drawn, which indicates a naïve eye for detail. But the overall effect is meant for just the author’s interpretation when using the manual for such instances for women only.

    The odd looking plants are most likely the authors way of explaining on how to mix certain plant properties together for maximum effect to ease a woman’s pain during menstruation or pregnancy or even illnesses, which would lead to back pain, leg pain, low breast milk, or when to bathe at certain times of the day through out the year.

    It is an allegorical representation of a woman who wanted to be a doctor but couldn’t because of the churches stronghold on women. This brought about another manual from man who used its descriptions, and explanations on how to spot, judge, and even execute possible witches. It was called The Malleus Maleficarum.

    This manual is not some sorcerer’s handbook nor is it from some mysterious Stonehenge druid ancestor or for that matter was it a scientists way of explaining the universe using plants as the reference point. It was just a female doctor’s manual to helping ease to what ails women the most. Growing up, growing older, getting pregnant, staying healthy until old age sets in.

    The rest falls into place once you look at each plant, and star map according to the months it represents in a calendar year along with the solstices, and equinoxes. Because women kept track of such information by listening to their own mothers, and grandmothers while becoming an adult.

  14. I find a wonderful description of a man. this man wanted to help women in klimax. This man also has humor drawing the woman as a goat when having menstruation. fantastic experience.
    woman disease. what looks like on them and emotional effect on homeopathy. this manuscript is the beginning of homoeopathy. I understand this manuscript and I have great respect from this man. Thank you

  15. Answering Chandramouli Saha

    Because in those days not everybody knew how to read and write, and not everybody could afford to buy parchment and colors.

    But above all if someone had the money to do so he would not write nonsense cover to cover across botanic, astrology and god knows what else.
    It’s not like now your grab pen and paper and start doodling.

    And a mentally ill person would definitely not acquire that kind of knowledge and wealth in those days, unlike today where the mentally ill is actually running countries.

  16. Thank you for this. I’m glad I have the chance to go through these beautiful books, even though they don’t make a lick of sense lmao

  17. I do not refute the people that maybe voynich manuscript contains a meaning of sorts , but what if l these notions proves to be false??? That a mentally ill person had crafted all this just to entertain himself??

  18. I feel that The Voynich is a vision for an ideal world and a vision for the future. I think a group of like minded people got together to create what their idea of an ideal world would be like. Humanism was based on nature and a mutual respect for life, it was beginning to grow in the 15 th century. The image of the horse with the chrysalis is possibly the idea that by eating chrysalis the horse may gain wings once he emerges, just like the butterfly. The plants that are not identified may be ideas of plant cells combined to form new plants. The blue water with nymphs could be fertility and purity. The green water could be herbal extracts. Very interesting book. I would love to have more information.

  19. hey everyone. I have taken an interest in the voynich manuscript a long time now as I wonder what type of intricate high quality language it really is. However in this book I think it has something to do with creating the fountain of youth or the ability to use plants to increase our ability to live more than a thousand years if taken in a specific sequence and at certain times
    As you know there are many species of plants. All have different benefits and effects at different times. Example moringa Oleifera is called the miracle tree of the tree of life and have 12 different species only Oleifera according to scientists can be used. This book is supper and may have something to also do with Edgar cayce

  20. I have discovered what the Voynich is.. it is more than just a theory…it is a manual or a guide to agartha, or inner earth, the plant life and how to survive… it also shows the exact locations of the main entrances to the inner world… i think i deciphered it….omg

  21. This book as it says on itself would be able to be read when we humanity adquire the capacity to coexisting with other species, this book was written by another being living in this world as we know there lot of different kind of beings living with us with more knowledge and experience than us

  22. I think that I had found something in the first pic of 9 objects… according to me this pic refers to the 9 planets , their vegetation, how and with what composition the planets are created and how our solar system is operated from central planet in pic I.e. jupiter according to me. It also consists of the method to travel to these planets with different symbols. As now I came to know that there’s something like vyonich It’s new for me and I will definitely download the pdf and continue to unlock the manuscript…I think that there’s a committee of our creators outside this earth and they are taking watch on every activity of everyone with the help of these animals, insects and other living beings.. its not necessary that an animal will talk to u ..its possible that they are afraid of selfish can be possible that with time other animals also evolved into creatures like humans like vampire but they are not showing us just because of fear…and they have ability to change shape as per need…and they are living around us may be in underground cities hidden from us..may be more powerful,more developed,with more advance technologies and maybe they are controlling us in an unknown way…don’t u think so???

  23. @Jerry, please do reveal, now is an important time – email

    i have taken a long time to look closely at the Voynich manuscript, though the wordings are definitely unreadable to mankind but looking at the pictures closely i can tell what it means. mentioning it to the world will cause an outrage in the religious and scientific world. At the right opportunity i will divulge the secret to the world.


  25. This book may be the author’s imagination that he wanted to express through this book. The words may mean nothing and can just be there to match the weirdness of the illustrations.

  26. i have taken a long time to look closely at the Voynich manuscript, though the wordings are definitely unreadable to mankind but looking at the pictures closely i can tell what it means. mentioning it to the world will cause an outrage in the religious and scientific world. At the right opportunity i will divulge the secret to the world.

  27. I have read the book. This is very important religious book for humanity. More valuable than Geeta or Bible.

  28. Btw on the page 222 we can read, in french :
    “fille orgiaque surgie et devinée, le premier jour, [sur la] digue [??] Balbe”

    “Balbe” is a name but I don’t know what it is.

    The rest means “orgiastic girl emerged and divined, the first day, on the dam [??]”

    We can also read some words on the ground, such as :
    croyance = belief
    amour = love
    désir = desire
    bien = good
    ailleurs = elsewhere


  29. What are you guys talking about ?

    The Codex has been written in the 1970’s by Luigi Serafini. It is pure fiction and there probably is no code here.

  30. What is startling are the amount of — that think because something is ancient it somehow has some deeper meaning now losteth to man lol
    When it’s just people making up shit to try and explain stuff to themselves that can’t be explained, trying to find a rational and a pattern that can make sense, looking for it.
    That one true fact is human, there are thousands of these made up meanderings and it continues to this day.
    So although these still remain fascinating codex it is the human thought process which is fascinating there is no hidden powers of secrets you demented nutters

  31. that mexican one seems to be buttons to me some i can sorta know what there for and its like a ship i think with ancient buttons as pics insteada buttons
    good book thank you



  33. i am blown away by this book. i am speechless. codex sera. this person went to all the effort in the world to encode this and wow, i been studying it all night with my secret arcanum and it is full of maths and secrets hidden. i can’t say more for i don’t want to give away the secret decoding

  34. i also have deciphered much of the bible code it… it is a revelation.. startling and isn’t decoded how people think at all in circles of finding common words. not at all. it is logical and scientific and line upon line , encoded deeply. there is also much evil in it as well . it is the greatest book and the most evil book !! i cannot explain this at this moment… for it is private

    • Hi i know what you say to be true of the bible!!! You need to have like a serpent mind in place before you can decifer it correctly

  35. i just decoded the codex Seraphinainus and it is not gibberish. It is probably the most powerful book in the world besides the one I am writing . It contains esoteric arcanum knowledge lost to man.
    it is abundantly powerful and encoded in symbols because man doesn’t know himself.

  36. To,

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