Walking with Awareness – A Guide to Walking Meditation

Walking with Awareness, free guide to walking meditation ebookWalking with Awareness A Guide to Walking Meditation Written by Luang Por Liem Áhitadhammo –  a Buddhist monk in the Thai Forest Tradition, was born in 1941. After higher ordination at twenty years of age, he first practiced in several village monasteries until he joined Wat Nong PahPong, Ajahn Chah’s famous forest monastery in UbonProvince, in 1969. This short book lays out the basics of walking meditations as he practiced and taught it. From the book:

“Seeing our own nature is not likely to come about through closing our eyes. On the contrary.we must open our eyes, and awaken to the true nature of the way things really are in the world.”

Download it here:

PDF downloadWalking with Awareness – Guide to walking meditation



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