We will be cooking outdoors – Leave your profane wife in Rome

The Magician & Exorcist By David BerssonI received this letter from Mr. Esso who received it from David Bersson, an elder Thelemite and possibly the highest initiate on earth. He has had to put up with some slander with maniacs like ex C.O.T.O. associates like G.M. Kelly and other losers but His membership continues to grow and His insights always very interesting. He has just printed MAGICK COMMENTED which are two manuscripts sent to him by Marcelo Motta prior to his Greater Feast.)
May 1nd,   An CXVIII 2021 e.v.
Greetings Mister Esso
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
As I stated We are in a Period of Silence and you cannot be brought in as a Probationer.
However, you have requested student status prior in a Period of Speech so I will permit myself to answer your queries.
You want my estimation of failed Probationer James Wasserman, failed Probationer William Breeze and failed Probationer James Gunther? Very well, I already know them better than they know themselves and I do realize that envious spite must of occurred where I retained my good standing with Marcelo Motta and gained Grades where they either withdrew, were cut with, or outright expelled.
I suppose it boils down to the large number of times I mailed my magical records in and I was very careful noting others around me dropping like flies. I meant to survive. I was never cut with, expelled or demoted in Grades being in good standing at the time of Marcelo Motta’s death. I never slacked on my dues and wrote him frequently.
In terms of experience, I was the Lodge Master of the Menthu Lodge in Nashville Tennessee and the Lodge Master of the 93 Lodge in Albuquerque New Mexico all under the exciting and sometimes demanding instruction of Marcelo Motta. He came to visit me twice in Albuquerque and my caution and self-discipline was not wasted. I learned a lot and when I read my correspondence and exchange it fills me with joy that I learned so much and he shared so many insights. I needed the discipline and fraternity or I would of never gained the initiations that I had.
With regards to failed Probationer James Wasserman he could never give up his Jewish family heritages and embrace the 93 Current. This was very annoying where he referred to himself as a Jew rather than a Thelemite and this got him into a lot of trouble. He was too emerged into the old Aeon current of his family upbringing to know how pathetic his stand was. Of course, my Superior’s reaction was annoyance which failed Probationer James Wasserman twisted around to he hating Jews. We see the same situation where a Christist joining us will go to Christist family holidays and never banishing eventually drift away from the Order. That is all to be stated about failed Probationer James Wasserman. As for failed Probationer James Gunther he withdrew from the A A in 1982 e.v..  Enough said where he foolishly claims to be touch with the Secret Chiefs. As for failed Probationer William Breeze you already know about the kill – fill issue and none of these people are a real A A Lineage.
They can claim to be O.T.O. until now till the Aeon of Maat and I will never accept them.
You can be assured that none of them honor me for my years of dedication and failed Probationers are not going to meet you with pats on the back nor compliments. If anything, at least failed James Wasserman reacted with jealous, envious spite at hearing the Grade in the A A I attained directly under the instruction of Marcelo Motta. So do not expect them to say good things about me. Remember, they accuse Marcelo Motta of being insane which he wasn’t, an alcoholic which he wasn’t and any number of ridiculous observations from those who never met Him nor had him as an Instructor.
I need make no claim suffice to state I am affiliated with all true A A Lineage in the Supernal.
I may explain this in private to you if you are able to come here. You are welcome to come to the Summer Solstice where we will be cooking outdoors.
Leave your profane wife in Rome and do not bring her with you.
Love is the law, love under will
David Bersson
Frater Sphinx
P.S. As a purely pragmatic suggestion you should divorce your Christist wife and give your
children up for adoption. That is, if you are serious about becoming Adept or Master in this lifetime.

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