The Wisdom of Vedanta An Introduction To The Philosophy of Nondualism

The Wisdom of VedantaThe Wisdom of Vedanta with the subtitle “An Introduction To The Philosophy of Nondualism” by Swami Abhayananda is here presented for free and at full length by the kind permission of the author. Spiritual traditions speak frequently of the bondage of those who live in ignorance of the eternal Self, and the liberation experienced by those who come to know that Self. But the great 13th-century sage, Jnaneshvar, once said that for the enlightened:

“There is neither bondage nor liberation; there is nothing to be accomplished. There is only the pleasure of expounding.”

The purpose of this book on Vedanta is not to liberate anyone from their bondage. After all, no one may remove those imaginary bonds from another – not even by the writing of a million books or by expounding words of wisdom from now till doomsday, writes Swami Abhayananda, whose books and articles may be read and freely downloaded on his website at He has graciously allowed us to offer them here as well. Thanks to him for letting us have his 428-page book on Vedanta and nonduality here:

PDFbookThe Wisdom of Vedanta


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