With each and every breath – A guide to meditation

With each and every breath With each and every breath –  A guide to meditation by Thanissaro Bhikku. The meditation techniques taught in this book are skills aimed at solving the mind’s most basic problem: the stress and suffering it brings on itself through its own thoughts and actions. Even though the mind wants happiness, it still manages to weigh itself down with mental pain. In fact, that pain comes from the mind’s misguided efforts to find happiness. Thanissaro states that meditation helps to uncover the reasons for why the mind does this and, in uncovering them, helps you to cure them. In curing them, it opens you to the possibility of genuine happiness, a happiness you can rely on, a happiness that will never change or let you down.

Download the free ebook here (135 pages/850 KB):

PDF downloadWith each and every breath



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  1. I am grateful for the books available on this site. Thanks is not a word which can share my gratitude. Whoever is doing this job, doing a great service to our community. God bless you.

    • You are welcome. I am doing this by my self in my spare time, it is my hobby and I have been building this library for nearly 8 years now. Please get in touch if you would like contribute or do some help on the site. Best wishes


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