Zen Culture by Thomas Hoover

Zen Culture by Thomas Hoover Free PDF ebook on Zen Buddhism and artZen Culture subtitled How Zen has influenced Art, Architecture, Literature, Sports, Ceramics and Theatre by Thomas Hoover. When it first was published in 1977 among the many positive reviews Library Journal wrote, “Hoover covers the ground in an easy and informative way, describing the origins of Zen itself and the Zen roots of swordsmanship, architecture, food, poetry, drama, ceramics, and many other areas of Japanese life. The book is packed with facts, the bibliography is excellent, the illustrations few but most appropriate, and the style clear and smooth. A most useful book for all collections.”

Zen values experiencing things over-analyzing them. Perhaps if we can take the power of direct perception, sharpened by the devices of Zen art, back to everyday activities, we will find a beauty in common objects that we previously ignored.
Written by: Thomas Hoover
Published by: Random House New York
Edition: First
ISBN: 0-394-41072-6
Available in: Ebook
Download Zen Culture here as a full-length PDF ebook:

PDF ebook downloadZen Culture by Thomas Hoover

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