Zr + 4HCl → ZrCl4 + 2H2 U + 3F2 → UF6 by Roberto Altmann

Roberto Altmann cartoon Zr + 4HCl → ZrCl4 + 2H2  U + 3F2 → UF6  is a psychedelic cartoon by the Cuban artist Roberto Altmann, created in 1970. It is shown here as an addition to our “Bizarre” section. The cartoon is 13 pages long and it is hard to find any meaningful clues about what is going, but it is a beautiful piece of hand drawn art. Download the pdf here (21 MB/13 pages):

PDF ebook downloadZr + 4HCl → ZrCl4 + 2H2 U + 3F2 → UF6


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