Factors for Awakening

Factors for Awakening by Thanissaro Bhikkhu was published in 2019 and consists of ten talks. The subject is the factors required for attaining awakening or reaching Nirvana. The factors are qualities of mind ready to be developed step-by-step in order to become awakened. This is one of the most important aspects of Buddhism and the Buddha’s teaching: The path to awakening is built out of very ordinary, day-to-day things, like mindfulness and alertness, as well outlined in Noble Eightfold Path.

From the book:

It’s simply that when you learn how to look at them in a new way, to analyze them in a new way, and to develop and use them in a new way, they can take you all the way to awakening. Instead of trying to clone yourself into a very rarefied state, the Buddha’s asking you to look very carefully at what you’re doing. You apply appropriate attention to what you’re doing in body, speech, and mind, but especially mind, to see how skillful your actions are. We often describe appropriate attention as looking at things in terms of the four noble truths, but that level of appropriate attention builds on another level of appropriate attention, which is simply seeing what’s skillful and unskillful in your actions, judging your actions by the results they yield.


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 Factors for Awakening

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