From the Upanishads by Ananda Wood

From The Upanishads by Ananda WoodFrom the Upanishads by Ananda Wood is focused on the approach of Shri Shankara’s Advaita Vedanta tradition, as interpreted by Shri Atmananda, a modern advaita philosopher who lived in Kerala State, India, 1883-1959. The book is a collection of retellings from selected passages of the Upanishads. In these retellings, the original texts have been freely interpreted and often modified, to make them more accessible to a modern reader. For those who are interested in the original texts, a companion volume, called Interpreting the Upanishads, shows how particular concepts and passages have been interpreted in the retellings. Download the ebook here (279 pages):

From The Upanishads by Ananda Wood

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