Most of the books you will find here on are in .pdf-format, and you need a pdf-reader to open the books. You probably have it installed already, if not, get it here: Download Adobe Reader. I have also started to convert the books to other popular formats, mainly ePub and .mobi.

All download links are placed under the text in each post. Download links are highlighted, marked with a PDF-icon and underlined. You can either just left-click on the link, this will open the book in your browser, or you can right-click and choose ‘save link as’. Choosing this option lets you download the book to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Many of the books we have here are huge files, many are bigger than 10 MB, some even more than 100 MB, this means that downloading might take a while. It also means that we are paying for a  lot of bandwidth in order to give access to as many as possible. This is paid for partly by donations. Please only download books you are interested in, there is no need to build your own collection of books on your hard drive from, we will be here – forever.


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  1. Hello, I wish to donate through my credit card. I do not use Paypal. Please make the Paypal gateway accept credit cards. Its just a click to enable the feature. Thanks
    r.vijayann. Canada.

    • read the Quran with English translations. Know that the translations are not exact, but rather somewhat the surface understandings. It is much deeper than a single translation. But, do read and have your own thoughts about it, because it reveals itself to the true seeker.

  2. I wrote some time ago about not getting to the home page. Today (12/22/2016) and was not taken to the home page. Instead, your site opened to the Contact page and there was no link to any other page. I opened the menu and tried the About page, the Contact page and the Download page and have been unable to get to a Search window. Ext I will try the categories to see if I can search there. I use ipad and at one time was able to open to your home page, but not for several months. maybe there is a broken link or something. Any suggestions? As I said before, I really like your site. Your collection is wonderful and I thank you for the oportunity to access writings I would not have access to.

    I recall you were looking for new sources for material. I just recalled we have the Newberry Library in Chicago that might be helpful to you. I am guessing you know of it and have explored their collection and want to pass it on “just in case.”


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