Krishnamurti and the Unity of Man by Carlos Suares

Krishnamurti and the Unity of Man by Carlos Suares PDFKrishnamurti and the Unity of Man by Carlos Suares. The essence of Krishnamurti’s message can be found in this sentence “man must liberate himself”. Krishnamurti always comes back to that fundamental idea. The I, although it is a fact, is an illusion. The whole human problem consists in freeing man from this illusion. But for those who are caught in it, the mere idea of that liberation from self-consciousness seems as fantastic as the story of the man who became invisible. A being who is not yet self-conscious would be incapable of understanding any idea concerning self-consciousness, so likewise a man who is immersed in the illusion of the I am cannot even conceive of a state in which man is no more an I. Carlos Suares writes:

In prehistoric times, the individual I of man had not detached itself as yet from the group-consciousness of the clan. It had not yet asserted I am I. Therefore, the whole social order was based on group consciousness. The historical era is the era of the assertion of the reality of the I. All civilisations are based on this illusion. Today, human nature must take another step. Consciousness, by transcending the stage of individual consciousness must free itself (as one wakes from a dream) from the I and its creations, that is, from the entire set of past values.

This translation of the book about Krishnamurti was published in 1933. Download the entire book here:

PDF Krishnamurti and the Unity of Man by Carlos Suares



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