The Mirror of Light – From the Notebooks of Rodney Collin

The Mirror of Light by Rodney Collin Free ebookThe Mirror of Light – From the Notebooks of Rodney Collin. From the introduction:
“We live our life in a mirror; everything is reversed. When we see a scene it is received in the brain reversed. The rays go out, cross and are received in reverse. Reality exists in the place where the two lines cross, if we can find it. The same takes place in our thoughts; we think that cause is effect and effect, cause. For us, the physical is more real than the spiritual. That which our senses perceive we call objective, while all that is imperceptible to our physical senses we call unreal or imaginary. We think sowing and reaping are essentially different and fail to understand that they are the same. We regard birth and death as antitheses and have altogether forgotten that to die is to be born. The life we live, the world we live in, is a mirage. If we understand a mirage we understand a miracle. We should study more about the mirror.”
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The Mirror of Light

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