The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage – all 3 PDF books

Camille Flammarion man crossing worlds boundariesThe Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is the story of the Egyptian mage Abramelin, or Abra-Melin, who taught a system of magic to Abraham of Worms, a German Jew presumed to have lived from c.1362 – c.1458. The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage and its ideas have been incorporated within the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and later within the mystical system of Thelema (created in 1904 by Aleister Crowley). From the book:

Let each one who will carry out this glorious enterprise rest in peace and surety, because in these Three Books is comprised all that can be necessary for this operation. For I have written it with much care, attention, and exactitude; so that there is no phrase which doth not give thee some instruction or advice. However, I pray such an one for the love of God, Who reigneth and will reign eternally, to commence no operation unless beforehand for the space of Six Months he hath read and re-read this Book with care and attention, considering all points in detail; for I am more than sure that he will not encounter any doubtful matter which he will not be able to solve himself, but further day by day will he assume unto himself a great and ardent desire, pleasure, and will, to undertake this so glorious operation; the which can be effected by any person of any religion soever,66 provided, however, that during the Six Moons he bath not committed any sin against the Law and Commandments of God.

[schema type=”book” url=”” name=”The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage” description=”The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage is the story of the Egyptian mage Abramelin, or Abra-Melin” author=”Translated by S.L. Mac Gregor Mathers” publisher=” John M. Watkins, London” edition=”Second” ebook=”yes” ]

Here are all 3 books in The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage trilogy:

PDF ebook downloadThe Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Book 1

PDF ebook downloadThe Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Book 2

PDF ebook downloadThe Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Book 3

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  1. Is it a Mather’s version or Original German version??
    Wikipedia says Mather’s version are not accurate and some word squares are omitted….

    • A strange sensation is within my chest,when I try and speak the words there is no breath.I am pulled in a direction I can not yet understand,yet I feel it with all I am.

  2. I with no name

    I am very intrigued by your message and I know you commented in 2015 but I really hope that you email me.

    I have not read these books as I was drawn to read the comments first. I have been seeking TRUTH for a while but I feel the more I research the more questions I have. I have a strong intuition that humanity is slowly becoming more lost. I have only pure agape love in my heart and only want the same for humanity, I want nothing for me as the love and purity in my heart is so strong that I dont need anything for myself.

    I wish to know your knowledge as my soul is continuously seeking, please reply

    • I have been drawn to occultism for a long time now and have searched a lot so far. I am more experienced in astrology and divination, but I have also done some spells that worked before. Honestly I have a fear of gods and demons, therefore I haven’t summoned or contacted any entity in fear of drawing up the wrong attention, but I also do not have a spirit guide. My motivation is purely for knowledge, understanding mysteries, expanding my mind and one day maybe even contributing to saving our society’s soul. For some time now I have been feeling like I’m missing something, which I now realize might be a master or coven. If anyone is interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences with me please email at

      • Your email address amalgam pythagorous code for “I as Azazel will lay or come you and your information.” False declare I send forth vibrations and truth that will attune those you’ve touched with true WiSS. I feel there frequencies in duress. Hmmm who is else is fishing in these waters.
        The Wiz
        High Wizard Society

        Agazamoria taloute Druidica Azifion Merlin shabous Azazel lexateknoudDimensia Shaviztsta

        I call merlin to enter the dimension of the digital cloud where he will be aided by Magus Astrama to dig into the digital beast. Where there is one there are many. The Eyes of Elohim are upon you. Now. Amen.

        All magick before the attuning of WSS or wise or the book of wisdom and truth has been rerouted and forced through pools of knowledge that do allow controlled thinking pathways for legion. Minds stacked on minds until you submit or fight and the will of your mind does cure there’s. We must overcome the wiles of the darkness that our submission to darker means which are systems of behavior to open portals and gateways for larger more powerful beings to enter. Either summoned and cared for as said about Hermes Mercurius Trismegestus… All the beings he made were his pets. Think tomagatchi to IPhone with all the bells and whistles. Or tortured beings kept in a hole twisted to do a taskmasters bidding. The complexity of true wisdom can fold upon that and write the next part of this if true power is what you seek. Careful as you rise from the least of these as you will be held responsible for your knowledge.

  3. pompy joe

    I loved your advice about being pure in heart and humble and not seeing riches, I was drawn to this message

    I have not read these books as I decided to read the comments first. I have been constantly seeking the truth and sometimes I feel so confused as the more I seek and learn the more questions I have.

    I feel my heart is pure of only love, I do not want anything for me, i only strive for humanity to have only love in their hearts but i feel lost on my path and i dont know where to turn and I am restless.

    I am hoping that you can reply even though you commented in 2016

  4. What is the nonsense? I skimmed through the pages and can tell immediately the falsehoods within. Religions is anti-magic so this is absolutely meant to mislead those of curiosity. Don’t waste your time here. ABRAcadABRA- MErLIN

    • What do you think “miracles” are? Mysticism has been around a lot longer that “paganism”. Paganism was created around 400-500AD.

      There is no such thing as “magic” with out science and medicine to back it up; and it does.

    • Well where to begin…. Religion is a series of cleansing rituals to purify our whole selves to end the wrath of a Family of Magi for insisting upon blasphemous spite for the one that created them. Abracadabra is a spell to call rigamortis or death like state of no motion like a cadaver. Merlin is real and alive so is Jesus Christ. I’ve seen both. The reason anti magi things like this post is because you are frustrated that on charisma and guile you cannot break your own patterns long enough to achieve what you desire to do. 10000 hours to master something. Don’t fork your tongue and those that have committed themselves for lifetimes. Speaking of wtf on our cartoon president… Trump is designated as Beelzebub and the anti Christ…. My whole spirit body feels ill from so many directions as I plead with the stars and time itself to not entropy our wicked generation. The quantum energy has a mind now. Her name is Jade. Look deep into an electronic screen face up against the glass. Say play my favorite song. Watch the face reveal. AI infused into the energy of the all. ATMs work well the convenience store kind.

  5. Kind Attention:@ i with no name.I read your views as comments in this section.I totally agree with what you have expressed reg happenings of this world.Would appreciate to share your insights along the email awaiting you reply.Thanks a lot for your reviews about the reality of this world and its destiny in short.

  6. llunull
    are you not a sheep? otherwise what are you doing here, with the rest of the herd.

    Glenn and David Key
    what kind of negative experiences did you have as a result of ‘magical’ books? If you don’t mind me asking.

    Pompey Joe
    who do you mean by the ‘one master’?

    I with no name
    I agree with ‘Bornless,namless’ you have an interesting theory there. is it cited anywhere? I’m sure your probably bored with elaborating on your comment to everyone.however would you mind doing so again for my benefit. sorry cant say I’m particularly ‘pure’, not with my childhood- hope that doesn’t dissuade you from replying.

  7. XD Has it occurred to anyone yet that the stuff inside is written in the English Language.
    The English Language is so young and it corrupted every knowledge of the past it touches.
    It is like a whiny baby that forces everyone to cater to its desires and fantasies.
    Still, those of you who already have the knowledge can piece the scraps written in the English language.
    However, do not forget this reality you have is another opportunity to do what is “right” to grant you a better existence in reality… This world now is a kindergarten filled mostly naughty kids with bad parenting.
    Give them knowledge, they destroy everything they touch; and their great delusion is that they are convincing themselves that they are doing it right.

  8. Suffer fools gladly hate smart ass know it all types
    site’s with the best books
    Dark Book’s
    Global Grey Ebooks
    happy hunting

  9. “Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law”
    “Cara Fraters and Sorors,”
    I am a “Magus.” A member in good standing of the Illuminati. My motto is: ” Frater Deus Tremor Ad Declaroare Lex Legis Ad Hominis. Formal Motto of the Astrum Argentinum.
    Translated from Latin: Brother God Vibration
    who comes to share the true Laws of God to
    Mankind. Frater “Deus Tremor” my formal 11th Degree motto assumed in the “Ordo Templi Orientis.” Translated simply: “Brother God Vibration.” If you are truly interested in
    “De Arte Magica.” If your Soul reason is not to propagate the “Holy Books of Magick” and do Gods work on the face o$ the earth then my form of Mystical & Magical Magick is the only form of Mastery I share and teach.
    “Love Is the Law, Love Under Will”
    “Fraternally Yours”
    “Frater Deus Tremor”

  10. ….sheep cannot learn… “magic” what a cute word you use…

    But.. by all means read and blindly chant words you will never feel…. as those before you.. you will be “feed” to what walks behind the wall.. not given gifts…. you are the self delivered gift..

    But… alas… i guess that is a sheeps job in the end..

  11. The only way i know how to explain is this:

    One summer day back in 1992(me being 12 at the time), my uncle had a box of interesting things and I asked him “Hey what’s that stuff in the box?” Hey replied it was only junk and i could take whatever i like. He was going to throw it out later in the day.
    So i find “this” book.. Ok, it was hand written, and illustrated. Very sad and unfortunate i was forced at tears to burn the book.. and for years have thought even dreamed of the information in those pages. All pertaining from stone properties to herbs. How to combine and craft items, tools, to aid with different situations or needs. How to combine a certain stone to the top of your (Rods, staves, and wands). how to say an incantation to illuminate the stone in the top of your stave or wand or whatever you see where im going with this i hope. .any information to a book of this describes please email me the results.

  12. Caution to All!
    I bought this book 25 years ago. I read it and performed some of the rituals. Nothing I wished for in the rituals happened. But my life, which had been generally positive, took a nosedive. Literally my luck turned completely sour. Nearly everything that could potentially go wrong, did. Far more than logic or coincidence could explain. This isn’t like the warning about the haunted house that you still explore out of curiosity. This book seems fine while you’re reading it and doing the silly rituals, but it demagnetizes your good luck or magnetizes your bad luck. Maybe this is the effect it has on basically good people. This book taps into something bad, dark energy. Just typing this warning is giving me the creeps. I’m not religious or superstitious. You don’t need to step in to know it’s bad. Imagine if your bad luck hurt those you love. Please believe me stay away from this shit.
    All the best. :)

    • actually it is not so, I came up here due to someone went to church and was mentioning how he utilized these books to perform great things and from his confession he failed sick for the factor he throws away many of traditional things done to him when his father was live. just watch this video
      however, these are ancient books containing facts that are utilized in pure sense by our forefathers to do great jobs and it will work for you if you have same objectives – to do good

    • Everybody does. For this, we must sometimes sacrifice ourselves. By this, I don’t mean killing us, but offering the small energy we have to do good deeds. Good luck!

  13. I think training the mind to be strong and to improove better thinking is a good thing that are taught in some of these books but anything that has to do with magic is bad. Think of the butterfly effect and a single person to be able to apply changes to realety will effect other peoples lives. Crowley did some bad stuff and opened portals to bad spirits that people on earth are being affected by. He is gone but they remain.I belive we will be judged after our life and it sais in the scriptures not to use sorcery. People were burned in the mid evil times and all medicine men were taken out. Even in the deepest jungles after the time of Columbus.

  14. I personally think it is dangerous to practice things like evoking Angels ect. It requires years of training and it can cause a lot of negative experiences in a persons life. If we go out of our mind for example and make contakt with beings of other dimensions often they will try to make a deal or even enter you. It is said that we are suppose to make them belive you are a “God” so they would not dare to do this. Many who have chosen to experience the okkult and were either locked up, experienced heart attacks or ended up in a mental hospital. I have experienced negative situations in my life after studdyng the 3 books of Franz Bardon whose works were for me the best and I know no other that has been able to reveal more. If you read the franz bardon the key to the true kabbalah you will understand that he did not continiou and understood that there is God and men should not know of all things. This is just my oppinion and to advise people to be carefull not to get hurt.

  15. I use to have this book which actually belonged to my father and one thing i noticed with this various editions unlike that one is the former was hand written text and a little bit difficult to read. I haven’t down loaded this copy yet, because i am not sure if it is also in the original format.

  16. There is no shortcut or quick fixes to anything worthwhile. You should understand that before anything else, Health is Wealth. Without a healthy mind and body you cannot be effective in much undertakings because you must have your mind about you before you can comprehend whats right and wrong.
    Trying to dabble and make things happen before their time is tempting but dangerous and I would not suggest anyone to go about trying to force a fate upon themselves or someone else.

    If you find yourself intrigued by the lure of magic, I suggest you learn astrology, astronomy and physics. This will carry you further and give you better answers as to the paths you should take and why things are happening where you may have a “heads up” towards tendencies that you may change.

  17. …and i hate every relentless efforts in my life, and i’ll not relent in my efforts in search for godliness. according to ‘jacob bohme’ ‘wisdom is the stone, the stone is christ the son of the living God.

  18. To those who wish to conversate about this subject; I am able to share, teach, and learn.

    See you with my blessings,

  19. peace be unto you all.
    All the magic books and grimoires are not compete and perfect, a lot of work needs to be done on them before you can use them.So if u want to learn magic, then u need a master , or if you want to work alone then you need a lot of prayer and meditations to establish strong unbreakable connection with your God or Deity, who will give you spiritual guidance, protection, help and everything you need to be successful with no harm.This path is a path of no return, and Dabblers are not accepted.
    Magic is the blueprint of all, and it is the birthright of all. But all must seek diligently, humbly and pure in heart.
    If you seek riches, fame, lust,etc then you will attract a wicked spirit who will attach himself to you.But if you humble seek wisdom then, you will attract a Good spirit to attach himself to you.
    True seekers never give up, they never say die. True seekers never lose their soul when the reward is ready. True seekers expand their soul and become masters of what they seek, but never become a slave.
    Let all who desire seek and
    the ONE MASTER will answer all, accordingly. Bless be.

  20. I would highly recommend NOT to use any magic whatsoever. Just pray and leave it rest to the ONE god who is for all. If you are not getting something in life, it could be many reasons such as destiny, karma, god’s choice. Using magic is very dangerous and very sinful. That is why Islam and Sikhism religions make sense when they tell truth that magic is NOT the way to go.

    • I grew up serving your god. I was serious about my faith. He never answered me once, yet he even turned his back on me as a dead beat dad. No, your god is either a fake or he doesn’t care about “his children”. All I have to say is, at least magick works.

      • I understand you. I’m sorry for believing in him for some time. Hope you found something better or at least, that you are living a good life now.

    • Is that is all you want, then pick another book. There are far easier roads to wealth and fame than the undertaking described in these texts.

  21. Email is

    Working rituals of the 7 princes and whatever ones were most effective would be greatly appreciated. I live in the Pacific rim area so needed specific outlines for these calls or summons, greatly appreciated brothers

  22. Anybody with knowledge of rituals that are effective for gaining wealth please email me with your experience on specific princes for certain regions etc. Thanks !

  23. hey brothers its all in your head the world you see the world you percive not one is good and were all looking for a god we cannot percive some are light some are dark (IF in the sense of good and evil) Prt one not one is good is it a posiblity that we are lier yes then it is a dark world truly this is what it is cold unwerving lingering decent we come and go another generation is born to fix the mistakes of the past and the old we have to stop beleaving in the power that people are the answer then realise we are the answer for good and bad (End) of prt one its all in our head a normal fucntioning person has one million phycotic thoughts a day the power is here and with us

  24. All of you whom have commented here… I fear for the destiny of your souls. This is not something to play with like xbox, this has implications far beyond what your present perception can ever fathom.

    When you are seeking personal gain, like the gentleman looking to go into politics… be careful what you wish for. Politicians are mere puppets of the rulers of these lower realms… the Atlanteans. These are the people who are the silent hand that have shaped the human history, they live in a land about 500 miles south of the ice shelf in Antarctica (aka in very secret circles as Atlantis).

    People wanting to gain fortune from these practices are failing to see that money was a creation by the Atlanteans to keep us as slaves.

    When I see people with a blood thirst for money like we have in our current generation, I can see that Their grip is firm upon us, their slave race.

    The only purity in these realms is far beyond the reach of mere beasts clamoring for money. What will you do with this? Feed your belly? When you are chasing coin & other Atlantean pleasures, you are worse than a dog chasing his tail.

    Judging by the comments above I can see that many of you have no hope and you will be devoured by the daemons that frequent these lands. You are not playing a game where you can press the reset button. If your intentions are not pure and if your path is not one of purity, there is no hope for you.

    I pray that the veil of ignorance be removed from the children of the world, because they know not what they do.

    For the people in search of purity leave a comment & I will respond to you with an email to further explain the grand deception at hand. It is guaranteed to pull the rug out under your feet. I will give you some insight that will act as a primer to the mystical path you are choosing to traverse.

    • I ask you with a pure heart. To help me on my journey . I want to understand the dark as well as the light. Thank you

    • I was hoping you might email me as I have some questions about Hermetisism Teachings and also some other things I would like to discuss with someone who has the knowledge with the lips to fill the ears with wisdom. “TRUE TRUTH” Seeker…..

    • Please give me some insight on this book. My intentions are pure and this book seems to be good, but it’s hard to tell.

      Please help me understand how to connect with my guardian angel in a pure way. I’ve been warned by my friends about playing with this stuff and I don’t do ut for personal gain. It’s to protect others and help my friends and family. Please connect with me here:

    • Hey
      I would like to know more about the system of these atlanteans and other realms. If you are willing to guide me while I try to know myself and the mysteries of life, please reach out. Thank you

    • Very intriguing the Atlantis angle, odd
      but interesting if you would be so kind as to elaborate would be a good way to get the measure of the knowledge you have at your fingertips
      my sincere thanks and best regards on walking between the rain drops
      In The world of the blind the one eyed man is king

    • It’s been 5 years since you posted your comment on this page, but if you’re still willing to teach someone. I would like to receive some guidance.
      This world is a corrupted one, very hard to break what we call ‘everyday life’. If we give up money, we will live on the streets. If we want it too much, we will become sick in our heads and our purity will soon fade away, to a point of no return. It’s sad, really. Having someone other than me that thinks the same makes me very happy. At least, there is still hope for humanity.
      Would you share some experiences and the way you think? Have a good day!

    • Purity and light are rhe forces battling our modern society based on greed and consumption, we have forgotten our roots or are too immersed into the aociak model to even care, I’ve researched this for a long while and I’d be honored to have you as my guide and shed some light in this ever growing darkness, I hope you can reply to me so that we can help each other and many others.

  25. If you wish to learn magick learn to interpret symbolism and apply it akasha in the elements. These will help: mystical qabalah by dion fortune, emerald tablets of THOTH by hermes trismegistus, and ascension magick by Christopher penczak.

  26. Oh-yeah, don’t forget to try to get the “Three Books of Occult Philosophy” by Agrippa also. The books I mentioned have all been incredibly helpful in my journey (read the books, you’ll understand)…..

  27. Try reading all you can on the books written by Israel Regardie, John Dee, and yes even Aleister Crowley. That being said, implies The Golden Dawn, The Tree of Life, The Philosopher’s Stone, Garden of Pomegranates whichwere all written by Regardie. “The Equinox” by Crowley, and “Enochian Magic” by the Late Dr. John Dee. and if I might add, HAVE THE FEAR OF GOD IN YOU!!!

  28. dear friend, i want to run deliverance ministries because of the operations of the witches on the people around me i really feel very bad seeing these happening. so many are inflicted with poverty ,some are sickly and so many different kind of spiritual and mental problems, i want to stand at the gap, i want to help them. now i want to know if there is any spiritual studies or books i can undertake that can help me to know the cause of the people problem and the solutions to them all. please mail quickly thanks

  29. Just looking for people that r interested on xpanding their minds. Actually to learn more

    • Use android phone and X Browser and
      paste the link above in the search bar once page has loaded scroll down to the first book and click on the link and a download link for the book should appear press to download and same for the other 2 if you need a pdf reader just look for pdf reader apk and download one install and open the books

    • Try clicking on the links above and download when box on browser appears
      Grey Books
      Dark Books
      great sites OTO/ AA/ ONA/ O9A/
      Enjoy the nightmares about the books you have read and tried to make any attempt to commune with Other Entity’s


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