The Analysis of Deeds – Karma-vibhanga

The Analysis of Deeds - Karma-vibhanga PDFThe Analysis of Deeds is a brand new (april 2020) translation of the Karma-vibhange (part of the Abhidhamma Pitaka) from the original Pali-source to English. The translation has been undertaken by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu. The text has previously been published in English in the book The Book of Analysis from 1969. The Vibhange consists of stories relating to the awakening of the Buddha:

On the night of his Awakening the Buddha had three principal insights: he had been reborn in many different forms and lives over the course of an inconceivably long period of time; that beings are traveling through saṁsāra (the round of births and deaths) according to their deeds, good and bad (karma-vipāka); and the insight into the four noble truths, which included as the fourth truth the eightfold noble path. The teaching of karma-vipāka (deeds and their results) was therefore a fundamental insight for the Buddha, which provided the basis for his Awakening, and it has remained central to the teaching throughout the development of Buddhism in its various traditions. In the original teachings deeds and their results are presented quite subtly, as everyone, of course, produces many millions of intentional deeds, both good and bad, over the course of their lifetime. And the deeds themselves are often motivated by a mixture of good and bad intentions, which are not purely one or the other.

Download the entire book here (136 pages/2.2MB):

 The Analysis of Deeds

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