The Poetry Series by Lindsay Traynor

Poetry of Transformation and Revolution PDFThe Poetry Series by Lindsay Traynor is a five-volume series of modern spiritual poetry. Lindsay Traynor is an Australian poet and mystic though he was born in Eastern Europe to parents raised in Canada and Australia respectively who were both in Eastern Europe after WWII. He arrived in Australia before schooling age and has lost his mother tongue as a result, as both parents were fluent in English. Lindsay is a prolific writer and has produced the equivalent in text of around 50-60 novels over the past sixteen years though mostly in the form of articles on varied topics and poetry, his favorite medium. From the series:

We must fight with pure hearts and clear minds if we intend to survive in a peaceful world.

“The universe came into Being for Love’s sake and for Love’s sake it continues forever. The Law is Love; there is no other Law” — Lindsay Traynor

These books are the result of a recent collation and editing of his thousands of poems. Each book consists of about 45 beautiful and visionary poems.

PDFDownload The Poetry Series here:

Love Poetry – Lindsay Traynor

Sun Moon Star Poetry – Lindsay Traynor

Nature Poetry – Lindsay Traynor

The Poetry of Transformation – Lindsay Traynor

The Poetry of Life and Growth – Lindsay Traynor

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