The Way of Zen in Vietnam by Nguyen Giac

The Way of Zen in Vietnam. By the kind permission of the author of this book, Nguyen Giac, I post this just released book. The Way of Zen in Vietnam is dedicated to Nguyen Giac’s teachers – The late Zen Masters Thich Tich Chieu and Thich Thuong Chieu; the late Dharma Masters Thich Thien Tam and Thich Tai Quang; and all the teachers whose books he read and learned from, including H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama, Thich Thanh Tu, Thich Nhat Hanh, Thich Minh Chau, Thich Duy Luc, Le Manh That, Tue Sy, etc. It draws on the long and significant history of Zen in Vietnam and outlines the specifics and beauties of the Vietnamese branch of Zen Buddhism. From the book:

“Look at a mirror. Images come and go, but the reflecting nature is always inactive, unmoved, uncreated, undying. Look at your mind. Thoughts come and go, but the mind’s nature is always inaction, unmoved, uncreated, undying. We all are actors in a big theater; we have played millions of different roles since endless time, born and died in millions of plays. Now it’s time to follow the Buddha’s teaching to attain Nirvana — the state of unborn and undying peace. When you keep seeing the empty nature of your mind, you will not cling to what you hear or see. Then, you will break the cycle of birth and death.”

Download The Way of Zen in Vietnam as a free, complete PDF e-book here (319 pages/2.3 MB):

 The Way of Zen in Vietnam

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