Vaimanika Shastra – Vymaanika-shaastra

Vaimanika Shastra or Vymaanika-shaastra is a very strange illustrated book about ancient flying machines from Hindu India. While everything seems to be debunked and even the author admits that the entire content is based upon dreamlike visions, the content is widely used to ignite theories about a golden ancient era in India where people build flying machines.

The book was written and drawn in the early 20th-century by Subbaraya Shastry, a mystic from Anekal. He was en extraordinary man of great knowledge and he was known for his ability to speak in tongues or verses whenever he got inspired. The entire content of the Vaimānika Shāstra was thus spoken to his friend G. Venkatachala Sharma who transcribed it exactly as spoken in Sanskrit. After some years the text was published in Hindi in 1959 and later in English with the title Vymanika Shastra. The later is the version presented here.

The book is extremely detailed in the description of the technology behind aircraft, the metals used, assembly of planes and the theory of using planes in the war.

The reason for the claims that this book might reveal ancient secrets lies in the fact that the author points out that the Vimanas, mythological castles and wagons mentioned in a number of Jain scriptures, where actual flying machines. Some even believe that the Rigveda and the Ramayanas mention of Vimanas really refer to actual flying machines.

From time to time the idea that airplanes from ancient India pops up. The theories are that they could fly not only all over the globe but even to other planets. On one occasion, at the 102nd Indian Science Congress held at the Mumbai University in January 2015, Ameya Jadhav, who holds in an M.A. in Sanskrit as well as an M.Tech. degree declared that “In those days, airplanes were huge in size, and could move left, right, as well as backward, unlike modern planes which only fly forward.” This caused quite a stir, and NASA-representatives demanded Jadhavs talk be canceled because of the obvious element of pseudoscience.

Vaimanika Shastra
Extremely detailed in the description of the technology behind ancient aircrafts, the metals used, assembly of planes and the theory of using planes in war.
Written by: Subbaraya Shastry
Published by: Coronation Press, Mysore India
Edition: First English
ISBN: None
Available in: Ebook

Download the Vimanika Shastra here (86 pages/3.1 MB):

PDF ebook downloadThe Vimanika Shastra

26 thoughts on “Vaimanika Shastra – Vymaanika-shaastra”

  1. The Westerners think the indian ancient technology as Alien technology. becoz the Indian technology was far more advanced than the current modern technology, badluck the ancient indian technology was not forwarded. still areoplanes, clonning..etc are basic technolgies originated from indian technology but not alien.when indians are travelling planes.. westeners are living in caves. dont understimate , for everything time will come

    • Always better that all people now see themselves as people of earth,we are all one, people earth.Time to stop hate and all to work together

  2. Shivkar bapuji talpade was the first to fly the first vimana in India not the wright brothers in 1903 and the amazing fact is the shivkar himself had used this book ‘vimanik sahastra’ for building the amazing vimana which had flew at a height of 1150 mtr and for 37 sec.

  3. Our India had so much Knowledge destroyed by Turkish Muslim invaders in 1193 that Nalanda university alone burnt for 5 days, just imagine the number of books that were burnt and the amount of knowledge that was lost.
    Not only that all the temples in India had a lot of inscriptions and representations where were again destroyed by invaders. We Hindusthanians lack unity and so we have witnessed all the loot and destruction in the past.

    British people killed so many arts, cultures and traditions that existed in India that we are clueless about them now. the leftover was destroyed by Nehru and his dynasty… Let’s hope that this destruction which began 1000 years ago stops here and now at least all the Bharat’s vanshis’ unite.

  4. I think this book needs removed from here, this as this gives the false belief that these machines existed, even where there is no evidence of them and more importantly this book is too ‘new’ to be used as evidence of the existence of ancient flying machines.

    Not only that, it bases itself on other books but none of the books it bases itself on had any pictures.

    More info:

    • Dear LazySusan,
      here the matter is not that to prove indians have used all those advanced technologies which are not even being used now, even as the movies nowadays go through remake, the book which you saw was a remake of the original manuscript of VAIMAANIKASHASTRA by BHARADHWAAJA MUNI, which is written in ancient sanskrit and even now it is mostly damaged and now it is there in museum.
      The speciality of Indian scriptures is that they have two meanings, one belongs to surface and another to depths, only scholars and understand the true meanings of those writings,
      Let me give you an example: In agastya Grandha the process of making a battery was indicated by the process shown below:
      1. Take a pot
      2. Pour some mercury
      3. Add some zinc
      4. Add Mayuragreevam i.e peacock’s head
      5. Place two copper plates at either ends.
      6. Connect hundred of them which will result in tremendous amount of energy.

      Here the people like you consider that we should really add a peacock’s head but it’s not true,it’s just the surface meaning the real meaning is that the colour of peacock’s head represents the blue colour of copper sulphate and the author refers that we should add the material which is in the colour of peacock’s head.
      I think by now you might have understood.
      Even now if you believe it’s fake, then take it as science fiction and appreciate it that indians do have some sci-fi knowledge in those days.
      Yours ….. Fill it as you want

      MAIL ME AT.

    • Lot of things in the past even in the west have no proof of existence, including many claims in the religions. And lot of proof comes out during archeological excavations like planned city, roads, drainage, metallurgy etc etc that existed 1000-5000 yrs ago.

  5. It’s real fact our ancestors had a flight 2k yrs back like in purananuru and silpadigaram evedients are here in.. But now so many Tamil peoples r not know about our ancient people science and technology it is very shameless to us.. .

    • U fool,Indian mythology and history is full of scientific inventions and great people from which American and European inventors and scientists are inspired. not of such time travellers.but they can.because the mythology is a cycle.the mythology is both past and future.

  6. Obviously we indians have the best technology of the world but those all are..smashed by britishers and muslims whi destryoed our ancient books

  7. Thank you.
    It’s good to be aware of the variety of books on
    a variety of interesting spiritual subjects.

  8. I think there really were flying machines. They had them in Atlantis too ! Those NASA scientists couldnt handle the fact that theyre not the first to invent them, their poor little egos. Poor babies. Many scientists really get into their pathetic little egos like that.


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